Culture, Cuisine, Relaxation And Adventure All Come Together In 2019 With Chaa Creek’s “Connected Vacations”

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  1. Belize All Inclusive Connected Vacations
    1. Connections with Nature
    2. With Cultures
    3. With People
    4. With Each Other

Belize All Inclusive Connected Vacations

Regular readers would be familiar with our promises that some new – dare we say exciting – things are on the horizon for 2019.

There’s the extensive upgrades to the Tree Top Villas – making the lodgings a certain member of the British Royal Family enjoyed even more luxurious, as well as completely new attractions like the culture-meets-cuisine “Open Hearth’, and much more.

But for now, let’s revisit Connected Vacations.

For years guests have been telling us how much they like our concept of Connected Vacations, which, as the name implies, are about connecting guests with Belize’s nature, cultures, people, each other, and themselves.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Connected Vacations concept, let’s go into a bit more detail:

Connections with Nature

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Even back when Chaa Creek was a working farm, young environmentalists Mick and Lucy Fleming strove to coexist with nature. Rather than cut down a big tree, they worked around it. When it came time to thatch a roof, they planted new Bay Palms to replenish the natural supply of leaf. And so on… By growing slowly and organically, Chaa Creek was all about harmonising with, rather than conquering nature. And it shows.

Situated on the banks of a long winding river system, surrounded by a 400-acre private nature reserve, and with a team of highly trained, licenced naturalist guides with extensive knowledge of Belize’s stunning natural world, you can’t help but connect with nature at Chaa Creek. It begins when you wake up, perhaps take part in an early bird watching excursion with professional guides, and continues through the day – even after a Creatures of The Night nocturnal nature walk, and as you fall asleep listening to owls, monkeys and other soft jungle sounds.

With Cultures

belize cultural exchange with chaa creek resort web

It’s no exaggeration to say that Chaa Creek has consistently led the way in cultural tourism in Belize. Believing that connecting people from different cultures is an essential part of sustainable tourism, the Flemings created an extensive menu of cultural tours and village visits to help guests interact with local communities and receive hands-on instruction in traditional skills such as weaving, Maya chocolate and tortilla making.

Saturday San Ignacio Market Day tours provide a cultural immersion where both Belizeans and visitors get to mingle, drink, eat, shop and generally enjoy a weekly tradition that’s been going on longer than anyone can remember.

As the cultural crown jewel, Chaa Creek’s Belize Cultural Grand Tour takes guests on a countrywide excursion that includes visits to Maya, Mestizo, Creole and Mennonite communities, with a stay at the Caribbean seaside village of Hopkins for an immersive Garifuna cultural experience.

Chaa Creek’s 160 member staff is a microcosm of Belize’s multiculturalism, so, in addition to English, guests are connected to the sounds of Creole, Spanish, Maya, Garifuna and occasional Mennonite German without leaving the Lodge or Macal River Camp grounds.

With People


National Geographic’s recognition of Chaa Creek with first place honours at the 2017 World Legacy Awards for Engaging Communities may just as well read Connecting Communities and Guests. By encouraging local people to teach visitors about Belizean culture, cuisine, arts and crafts and more, we continue to connect people from around the world.

We’re also told that voluntary programs such as Pack-a-Pound, which allows guests to pack or post a pound or more of school supplies to be donated to needy Belizean students, creates bonds between visitors and communities that leave everyone feeling better and more connected.

Travellers often comment that English-speaking Belize is one of the friendliest places on Earth; so connecting people is one of the easiest – and most satisfying – parts of our jobs.

With Each Other


There’s something about sharing new adventures, wandering though a pristine rainforest, canoeing jungle rivers or exploring ancient Maya temples together that brings families, couples and friends closer. That’s where Chaa Creek’s experienced vacation planners come in – tell us what you’d like to do together, and we’ll suggest the best ways to do it.

If one member of the family loves horses, one wants to canoe a tranquil jungle river, while another is a budding Indiana Jones looking for ancient Maya temples to explore, no problema – our adventure planners will help create the vacation of everyone’s dreams.

If a couple is seeking that perfect romantic interlude, our Romance Adventures specialists will help get that love light burning brighter. A couple’s massage at the Hilltop Spa? Intimate picnics at a small secluded ancient Maya temple? A romantic sunset canoe or Johnboat excursion? Champagne and canapés at a private Jacuzzi? They’ll supply touches like flowers and chocolates in the room and leave you to take care of the rest.

And don’t get us started on Destination Weddings and Honeymoons…


Or, if travelling in a group and there’s a birthday, graduation, promotion or anything to be celebrated, the Team will work to make sure it’s extra special.

With Yourself

Wake up to a gorgeous rainforest morning, walk through a beautifully manicured tropical garden or along a secure jungle trail, maybe have a swim in the infinity pool to stretch, and then stroll up the path to the internationally acclaimed Hilltop Spa for an amazing massage enhanced by soothing botanicals.

Now tell us you’re not better connected with yourself, your surroundings, and life.

With professionally guided and self-guided walks along well-maintained trails criss-crossing hundreds of acres of a private nature reserve, having a personal veranda and hammocks on which to read, daydream or meditate, communing with nature and having the time and space to listen to that inner voice, reconnecting and recharging happens.


Sometimes just getting away from the pace and same old, same old of daily life can open up new pathways and connections. We see it happen all the time.

In the coming weeks you can read more about new accommodations, amenities, attractions and activities. And while these initiatives are fresh from the drawing board, they’re all rooted in Chaa Creek’s belief that getting away makes it easier for deep, valuable connections to happen.

We’ll give you the time, space, comfortable lodgings, eco-luxe amenities and fine dining. The rest is up to you.

Now, that sounds like a New Year’s resolution worth making

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