A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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mother earth
By Glenn Tillett Jr ( 11 years old)
Why I want to be an Eco Kid
mother earth

Over recent years, Planet Earth has had serious changes in the Eco system. I have the power to stop these changes. My  priority is to save our environment. Our environment is everything around us, from clean, fresh- flowing rivers with colorful fishes breeding and living in it to tall green trees waving their branches at the tapir, jaguar, toucan and many other species that call the rainforest home.

Every journey starts by taking the first step. My first step is to be an Eco kid! My first mission is to be an eco- warden. I pledge that wherever I go I will pick up litter. I will be a spokesperson in making sure children in my school put litter in its proper place.  My wish is that one day I can organize clean -up campaigns  in neighborhoods around my town. Land  pollution causes a depletion of soil nutrients  which prevents grass, flowers  and new trees from budding.  In turn we have less oxygen to breathe.

My second mission is to conserve water.  I can do so  by using a cup of water when  I brush  my teeth instead of leaving the faucet to run.  I also need to convince my dad not to use the garden  hose when washing his car, but instead use a bucket of water; even if I end up washing the car from now on.  Water is the key source of life, and I must learn to conserve it!

The badge of an Eco kid is a heavy one to carry .  I can  start  by taking small steps that can turn into huge leaps later on, all with the goal of conserving our environment.  Walking with nature and  enjoying nature‚Äôs  best can serve as reflection to what is left in our planet.  I really want this opportunity of reflection to be with  mother nature at Chaa Creek.

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