Protecting Nature, Preserving Life

By Jayronn Arziki Dashanu Emmanuel (13 years old)

I want to be an Eco Kid so I can help preserve nature and work with others to heal back its injuries. As a small boy, I did not understand nature. Now that I have grown older, I understand that it is a life. It grows, lives and can die. It has feelings also!

Many people, young and old, locals and foreigners treat it like garbage, filthy and disgusting. They continuously commit crime against nature, poisoning earth with solid waste and pollutants; scaring it with their agricultural and urban development activities and bringing numerous plant and animal species to the brink of extinction. Our once beautiful land is slowly turning into a waste land. For whatever reasons, they cannot see they are killing nature and its resources. As an Eco Kid I need to help them realize that these crimes are horrendous and what they are committing needs stop.

As an Eco Kid, I will also ask people to take a closer look at nature, not just look from the road side but venture into it. I will encourage them to see it as a precious garden, giving them everything they need to live. I will tell them to stop and smell nature’s perfume and enjoy its pleasing aroma.  I will ask them to use its resources wisely and to replenish it as they use. Plant back the trees, restock the waters, build where it will do the least harm and use the land wisely for agricultural purposes.

As an Eco Kind I will continuously remind them the God gave us nature to use wisely not to abuse and waste it.

I love mother nature, without it flourishing, it cannot provides our nourishment. I know the facts but many don’t and I wish to help them have a change of heart. My survival and that of the next generation of children depends on getting these ignorant people to have a change of heart.

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