Chaa Creek Announces 2012 Scholarship Winners

Ten Belizean scholars are now closer to realising their educational goals thanks to the annual Chaa Creek Academic Scholarship Program, which offers financial assistance to students who show academic promise and a will to succeed.

Chaa Creek proprietor and Scholarship Coordinator Lucy Fleming today announced that ten new applicants have secured educational grants to further their studies.

“Our scholarship committee was very impressed with the quality of the applications we received this year, and the shortlisting process was quite difficult.  It highlights once again how dedicated and hardworking so many Belizeans are in pursuing their dreams and improving their lives through education, and this bodes well for the future of Belize,” she said.

The Academic Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students striving to excel at various levels of education, including high school, colleges and university.  The rigorous scholarships selection process is based on academic performance and financial need, and each year assists ten Belizeans who show both academic promise and a desire to further their educational goals.

This year’s round of funding is for the 2012 -2013 academic year with significant financial assistance provided for students each semester.  Scholarship winners will receive an endowment for their tuitions, fees and books, and in return are expected to maintain at least an 80% average at the end of each term or semester to remain in the scholarship program.

“The Scholarship Committee sets the bar fairly high, but Belize’s future depends on Belizeans developing the skills and expertise needed to keep up in a challenging world. So it’s particularly satisfying to see people accept the challenge, commit themselves to their studies and set out to make a difference,” Ms Fleming said.

The Academic Scholarship Program is part of the Chaa Creek Cares program, which administers other initiatives such as the annual Eco-Kids educational camp and contributes to environmental awareness and social development on an ongoing basis.  Ms Fleming said that 10% of all room revenue at Chaa Creek goes directly into Chaa Creek Cares initiatives. “In this way, every one of our guests can feel good that they are contributing towards environmental and social programs that have a positive impact on Belize and Belizeans. That’s what responsible travel is all about,” she said.

Ms Fleming congratulated this year’s successful scholars, who are:

Jose Lucero (St. Ignatius High School)Walter Blanco (Sacred Heart College) Valentina Coc  (CET) Wilmer Guerra (Sacred Heart College) Irlan Mesh (CET) Shenny Manzanero  (University of Belize) Shane Vasquez  (online distance education) Hilvin Canton (CET) Debbie Ku (Sacred Heart College) and Jayrohan Emmanuel  (Methodist High School).

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