Why Belize Is One Of The Best Places To Visit In December

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  1. Goldilocks Weather For Belize In December
  2. Festivities & Holiday Traditions
  3. Food worthy of a feast
  4. Exclusive getaways

With Belize being a tropical destination that’s also tucked into Central America, its consistent year-round weather is covetable. The Massachusetts-sized country has only two seasons – wet and dry – which means there is no frigid winter to run away from come December. Instead, the days are blanketed in the cool 70s and even 60s, accompanied by the holiday atmosphere creeping in. Perhaps this is precisely why MSN.com listed Belize as one of the best places to travel to in December.

Sharing the spotlight with the likes of New York City and even Cabos, Mexico, Belize’s spot on the list comes as no surprise. The various distinctive environments, as the article points out, makes Belize extremely diverse. From dense jungles and rainforests to underground caves and ancient Maya sites, your December itinerary will be far from basic. But there are still many advantages of visiting Belize during this season, some of which are unique to the whimsical month and cannot be missed.

Goldilocks Weather For Belize In December

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As mentioned above, Belize in December is significantly cooler than during the summer, especially if there is a cold front. The wet season has just ended and the scorching heat is seldom to be found. This is the perfect time to spend as much time outdoors as possible, since heat or rain won’t be much of a deterrent in your plans. Don your flippers and slink to the depths of the Caribbean Sea for some snorkeling.

belize in december weather ziplining

Strap up your harness and zip through the rainforest canopy via zip-line. Or, you can try the ol’ reliable relaxing activity of beach bumming. In December, all of these activities are enjoyed with the added comfort the weather will be on your side. 

Festivities & Holiday Traditions

Traditional Garifuna Jankunu Dance
Traditional Garifuna Jankunu Dance

Of course, December brings about its own bout of yuletide festivities. Belize being a Caribbean country only needs a small excuse to throw lavish fetes and December is no exception. The entire country is abuzz with the Christmas spirit, and holiday cheer is thrumming in every Belizeans’ veins. Every year, the people of Belize carry out decades-old traditions that travelers journey many miles to come see in person. For instance, San Pedro’s annual Holiday Boat Lighting Parade is a favorite of many. Boats are decorated in Christmas lights and are set out to sail off the coast of the island before the best decorated one is awarded a prize.

ambergris caye christmas holiday boat lighting parade
Ambergris Caye annual holiday boat lighting parade

On the southeast coast, many come to witness the revered cultural dance of the Garifuna, known as the Wanaragua Dance (a.k.a the famous “Jankunu Dance.”) In villages like Dangriga and Hopkins, on Christmas Day the Garifuna people perform this historically rich dance to onlookers. Witnessing history told in the form of dance is an experience most never forget. The choreography is hypnotic, including the drums’ rhythm and the cacophonous shells clasped onto the dancer’s knees.

In Belize City, there is a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony every year to commemorate the holiday season. This is also where the annual “Christmas Bram” takes place, which is similar to caroling. Except Belizeans make their way through the streets of the city playing “brukdown” music from house to house. 

Food worthy of a feast

chaa creek resort guests being served at a maya buffet
Guests of The Lodge at Chaa Creek being served at a Maya Buffet on property

Is it really the holidays if there aren’t feasts to go around? Belize is already saturated with enriching food and an enviable culinary scene. In December, that feature is amplified. As soon as December 1st hits, it’s like Belizeans collectively enter a compulsion to rush to the stores and buy niche ingredients for holiday foods. Think dishes like the traditional Fruit Cake, the spiked egg-nog look-alike that is Rum Popo, and the guest of honor everyone comes to see: Christmas Ham.

belizean rumpopo eggnog
Belizean Rum Popo (eggnog)

These delicious foods are Belize’s version of Thanksgiving dinner. On Christmas Day, many families get together to eat a banquet fit for a king, the likes of which are replicated at many resorts’ restaurants as well. Just on this special day alone, you’ll be able to truly appreciate the diversity of foods Belize has to offer. 

Exclusive getaways

Visiting during this time also comes with plenty of advantageous travel perks. Resorts use the kicking off of the high season as a segue to offer as many exclusive getaways as possible. Take Chaa Creek’s Belize Christmas Vacation package for instance, which offers an all-inclusive experience. Doesn’t a luxurious rainforest Christmas sound like a better alternative to freezing in the north? The exclusive vacation package includes all the hassle-free elements that travelers love and appreciate when planning a family getaway.

tripadvisor travellers choice top 21 small hotels central america 2021 chaa creek resort aerial

With this package you’ll have all your bases covered: transfers, exquisite meals, two full-day tours and decadent accommodations. Let’s not forget Chaa Creek’s onsite experiences as well, which is worth traveling for alone. A perfect Christmas Day is not so far-fetched when your day includes spa treatments, zoo visits and adventures to last your entire four-night stay.

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