2020 Color Belize Art Competition Winners Announced by Chaa Creek

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  1. Chaa Creek announces 2020 Color Belize Art Competition Winners
  2. Some of the art submissions received:
    1. First Prize Winner – Sean Dueck (Belize)
    2. Second Prize Winner - Avani August (Belize)
    3. Third Prize Winners: Lizeth Cunil and Roger Castillo (Belize)

Chaa Creek announces 2020 Color Belize Art Competition Winners

We want to thank all the young and budding artists who participated in Chaa Creek’s Color Belize Art Competition. We received more than 70 stunning entries of creative artforms including paintings, drawings and collages that brilliantly capture Belize’s magnificent wildlife.

Some of the art submissions received:

Among the various subjects used were gorgeously plumed birds such as the Keel-billed Toucan, Scarlet Macaw, Hawkes billed turtle, Brocket deer, ‘Mountain Cow’ Tapir, Antillean Manatee, Clown Fish, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Stick Insects and a host of other Belizean creatures.

If you’ve had the chance to visit and explore Belize already, we hope these art pieces bring back some wonderful memories of your time amongst our wildest things. And if you haven’t yet made it to Belize, we hope the competition will introduce you to the stunning wildlife that awaits in this dynamic Central American and Caribbean wonder.

Our young and budding artists aged seven to fourteen represent several countries and continents including the USA, the United Kingdom, India, The Netherlands, Canada, and Belize,  

First Prize Winner – Sean Dueck (Belize)

color belize art competition winner submission sean dueck
First Place submission by Sean Dueck

We’re pleased to announce our first prize winner, SEAN DUECK, an 11-year-old artist residing in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout in Western Belize. Sean wrote “I would love to win so that my family and I get to enjoy your beautiful lodge but if I don’t get first, I still enjoyed creating this art piece.” Sean also said that he picked the Keel-billed Toucan because he thinks it is the most majestic animal of Belize.

First Prize winner gets a 3-night stay for a family of four, with some exciting activities that include guided visits to Chaa Creek’s Belize Natural History Museum and Butterfly Farm, exploring the Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, enjoying early morning birding walks, canoeing and tubing along the Macal River, and more.

Second Prize Winner – Avani August (Belize)

color belize art competition second prize winner avani august
Second place submission by Avani August

Our second prize winner is Avani August, a 14-year-old artist from Belmopan who has a love for animals. Avani said “Belize animals or any animals are important because they are a part of our ecosystem and we benefit from the work they do in their everyday life.”. We could not agree more.

Second prize winner receives a 2-night stay for a family of four with all the same activities included in the first-place prize. Congratulations Avani!

Third Prize Winners: Lizeth Cunil and Roger Castillo (Belize)

color belize art competition third place winner lizeth canul
Third Place submission by Lizeth Cunil
color belize art competition third place winner roger castillo

Our judges had a really hard time to choose our third prize winner, so they chose two young and talented artists – Lizeth Canul, a 14 year old from western Belize who aspires to be a veterinarian some day and Roger Castillo, an 8 year old student of All Saints Primary School who painted our National Bird the Keel-billed Toucan “because it’s bright and colorful, much like our Belizean people”.

Of course, the judging of these beautiful art pieces was very difficult even for our experienced art teachers who assisted in the judging of these submissions.

Our Honorable Mentions include:

  • Paige Dietrich – Belize
  • Isabella Panti – Belize
  • Rihanna Carcamo – Belize
  • Jasmine Faber – Belize
  • Olivia Abrahams – Belize
  • Zaya Habib-Eiley – Belize
  • Evelyn Logan – Belize
  • Noelli Sabido – Belize
  • S. Thiyakshwa – India
  • Austin Friesen – Belize

We want to thank our two judges, Ms Barbara Helbling and Ms Yvonne Dignard. They achieved an incredibly difficult task, and we are honored to have had their participation in this year’s Color Belize Art Competition.

color belize art competition judge Barbara
Art competition judge Barbara Helbling

Ms. Barbara Originally from Switzerland, came to Belize as a visitor in 1988 and fell in love with the magnificent country and charming people. She met the love of her life, Carlton Flowers and together they operate “Back to My Roots – Art from The Heart” Store in downtown San Ignacio. They raised their son, Benjamin, in Georgeville, Cayo. Barbara is a jewelry maker, painter and former 1st Form Art Teacher at Sacred Heart College. Barbara graduated with a degree in Architecture and continues to be interested in all forms of art.

color belize art competition judge yvonne dignard
Art competition judge Yvonne Dignard

Ms Yvonne Yvonne Dignard is a retired Art Teacher who taught at Sacred Heart College, SHJC and Galen University. Yvonne was entranced with Belize three decades ago when she first came on an extended suba diving excursion. After receiving her BFA, some of her subsequent careers include chef, videographer and entrepreneur. Reading, research and travel are among her various interests. Yvonne encourages all young Belizeans to express themselves through their art and imagination.

Judging Summary:

Judging was based on a combination of factors including; how the art work captured the viewer’s attention, the use of Elements and Principles of Design, the clarity of the Theme including a short statement of interest, imagination, use of materials and technique.

Mrs Lucy Fleming, Chaa Creek’s co-founder said that she was looking forward to introducing the young artists to the beauty of Chaa Creek, and, given the success of this year’s Color Belize Art Competition, Chaa Creek followers can look forward to more competitions in the future.

eco kids summer camp 2019 day 6 mrs lucy fleming with kids
Mrs Lucy Fleming talking with Eco Kids Scholarship Awardees in 2019

“It’s our way of giving something back to our community and guests as well as the many children who have been cooped up indoors. Art has factored high in Chaa Creek’s development over the last four decades.  We have sought and found many talented Belizean artisans as we created our little slice of jungle paradise together and this is one small way that we have been able to bring the creativity of our youngest artists to the fore for all to enjoy.” Mrs. Fleming said.

eco kids summer camp 2019 day 3 arts craft
Arts & Craft session at last years Eco Kids Summer Camp

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