Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Three great ways YOU can eliminate waste and protect your environment!

By Emily Sanchez ( 13 years old)

Hello, name is Emily Sanchez. I was born to my parents Esther and Evan Sanchez  and I am presently attending the New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School in San Pedro Ambergris Caye.  When I read your advertisement, I instantly became interested and told my mother that I want to be an Eco Kid.

I want to be an Eco Kid because it will give me the opportunity to appreciate all that nature in Belize has to offer. I could learn to care for it better and apply the gained knowledge to  the three R’s  (reduce, reuse, recycle).  I will also be able to share with my friends, family and classmates my experience at camp.

We are blessed to have a bountiful source of nature in Belize. There are many things that can be learned when exploring nature and caring for it. We have  rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes, seas, and the wonderful ocean.  The tall and enormous mountains, a variety of flora and fauna, and other exotic, intriguing, and amazing animals  make nature very alluring. Nature is self-governed and we cannot control it, but we can save it.

The cracking of branches, trees falling, strong winds, and tall waves  are all  part  o f nature’s  natural  course. Everything  in  nature occurs  in  a cycle, from the seasons of the year to the growth of an adult butterfly. Even water flows in a cycle. Creatures are born, bigger creatures consume smaller creatures, or plants, die, and become nutrients that provide life.

Life and nature are essential, so it is very important to care for it. Many things may alter the cycle of nature. There are many things , such as the three R’s , that we can do to conserve and maintain nature. There are things that can be done to reduce the amount of waste produced, and the natural resources consumed. Some materials can be reused. Certain things, such as paper, cardboard boxes, and bottles can be reused.

They can be used to store books, and do arts and crafts, among other things. Recycling allows some materials to undergo a process by which new products are created out of the materials from the old ones.

After having the opportunity to be an Eco Kid, I will be able to share with others the experience that I had at camp. I will be able to share with others what I learned at camp, the activities that we did, and the adventures that we had. I will also influence them to become aware of their natural surroundings here in Belize and use what I have learned so that they can become an Eco-Kid.   Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle!

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