Taking Care of Nature

By Danielle Mohammed-Ali (9 year old)

My name is Danielle Mohammed-Ali, I am a 9 year old Standard 3 student from Burrell Boom Methodist School. I have two older sisters and one little sister and we live with our parents in Burrell Boom Village. I am also a Cub Scout of 18th Belize Burrell Boom Scout Troop.

I would like to be an Eco kid and be able to go to the Eco Kids Camp because this camp looks as much fun as when I went to Cub Scout Camp at Camp Oakley.  Being a cub scout I get to do a lot of activities outside at our meetings. As cubs scouts we look after nature and learn to take care of it by doing garbage cleanup and planting trees around our community. We also have fun with other scouts by playing games and learning to share with them.

It would be exciting for me to be able to go to this Eco Kids Camp because I know I will get to learn more about my environment, about different things we can do to take care of it. I am also looking forward to do new things that I never knew or did at Camp Oakley, like going bird watching, horseback riding and getting to explore new adventures on the nature hikes. I know I will also get to make new friends and the most exciting thing would be to travel and see a different part of my country.

At the Eco Kids Camp I would love to share all my experiences being a Scout with the friends that I will make and when I get back I will share with my scout troop and my family all that I learnt and did at the Eco Kids Camp.

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