Chaa Creek Welcomes David Meerman Scott

The Lodge at Chaa Creek will be hosting noted author, speaker and marketing guru David Merman Scott during his upcoming Marketing Masterclass to be held in Belize this coming August.

According to Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator, Larry Waight, Mr Scott is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading marketing authorities, and local Belizean businesses are fortunate to have him presenting one of his famous classes in the small Caribbean nation.

“When it comes to new directions in marketing and global mass communications, it’s not an exaggeration to say that ‘he wrote the book’ when you’re talking about David Meerman Scott. His book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR is probably the most influential work on marketing to come along in the last decade, and certainly one of the most widely read,” Mr Waight said.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR has been published in 26 languages, and was number two on the Wall Street Journal’s and number three on USA Today’s best seller lists. It is now used by many of the world’s largest corporations as well as innumerable small businesses in their marketing strategies. His blogs are popular worldwide and he is in high demand as a speaker.

As part of the Belize Tourism Industry Association’s 2012 Marketing and PR Summit to be held at the Belize Biltmore Hotel’s River Room August 23. Mr Scott will be conducting a Real Time Marketing Masterclass, consisting of three 90 minute presentations covering cutting-edge approaches to marketing in the new global online environment, Mr Waight said.

At the conclusion of each segment there will be a panel discussion with Belizean and international tourism professionals discussing specific themes Mr Scott presented to add extra relevance and value to the presentations, Mr Waight explained.

“This means that we’ll have the opportunity to discuss Mr Scott’s information in a Belizean context, and as it applies to our unique marketing challenges, and that is invaluable. To have the world’s leading marketing authority give a global perspective on leading-edge marketing practices, and then applying them to our own unique situation here in Belize is a rare opportunity indeed,” he said.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek will be hosting Mr Scott for two days during his Belize visit, and owner and general manager Lucy Fleming said that she’s looking forward to his visit, especially as Mr Scott had praised Chaa Creek’s marketing in the past. “Our first marketing efforts 30 years ago were hand drawn posters we created by kerosene lamplight. Over the years we developed our own in-house marketing team and were probably the first Belize resort to have an online and social media presence, so to have caught the notice of someone like David Meerman Scott is very satisfying. We’re looking forward to some interesting dinner conversations,” Ms Fleming said.

The Belize 2012 Marketing and PR Summit and David Meerman Scott’s Masterclass is open to the public and costs $100.00 to attend. Mr Waight said that further information can be found at the BTIA website and Chaa Creek’s Belize Travel Blog.

“Anyone interested in marketing should consider planning a Belize vacation around the event as it is going to be amazing to see Mr Scott in such a beautiful, intimate environment,” Mr Waight said.

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