Chaa Creek’s Academic Scholarship Program

Chaa Creek’s Academic Scholarship Program 

  Helping More Students Build a Better Belize

Chaa Creek Scholarship Winners

Twelve young Belizeans are further along the road to promising futures thanks to a successful scholarship program sponsored by the Lodge at Chaa Creek.


Chaa Creek’s Academic Scholarship Program has kicked off this year with an increase in the number of pupils accepted into the annual student assistance program, and scholarship coordinator Lucy Fleming said she couldn’t be happier with the results from this “investment in the future”.

The Academic Scholarship Program has been providing financial assistance to students undertaking study in various levels of education, including high school, colleges and university, since 1995.  The rigorous selection process is based on academic performance and financial needs, with an aim towards assisting those Belizeans who show promise in attaining their goals.

Ms Fleming, who is also Chaa Creek’s co-founding owner and GM, said that she was once again impressed with the dedication of Belizean students who applied for the innovative program. She also said that the high quality of the applications resulted in the increase in the number of students who were awarded scholarships.

“Shortlisting the applications is always a difficult job, and this year we saw such promise and identified enough need that we decided to increase the intake from ten to twelve.

“Once again, we saw how dedicated  young Belizeans are in working towards achieving their goals and improving not only their own lives, but the future of Belize through further education. It brings home the fact that the scholarship program is an investment in the future, and once again we’re happy to do what we can to support deserving students,” Ms Fleming said.


Since 1995 the Chaa Creek Academic Scholarship Program has provided assistance to over 110 recipients.  This year’s round of funding for the 2014 -2015 academic year will provide significant financial assistance to twelve more deserving students by covering their tuitions and fees. To remain in the scholarship program they are expected to maintain at least an 80% average at the end of each term or semester.

In addition to the scholarship program, Chaa Creek also sponsors other educational initiatives, such as the Inland Expedition Guides and Staff Program, (which sees the entire Chaa Creek staff including the owners and managers donate money to purchase school supplies for needy children), and the weeklong Eco-Kids Educational Summer Camp, where 24 young Belizeans receive an intensive and fun filled education in environmental sustainability and related subjects.

Chaa Creek also has staff development initiatives in place which have benefited numerous Belizean workers in furthering their careers, and the Belize Natural History Centre has become an important resource for students, researchers and interested parties.

Ms Fleming, a former academic and  school teacher, said that one of the benefits of Chaa Creek’s growth has been the ability to sponsor such programs.

 “A passion for learning is something precious, and we’ve always felt grateful to be able to contribute to people, and especially to young people’s quest for knowledge. As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, education plays more and more of a vital role in individual and national development.

“While you always wish you could do more, we see our scholarship program as a very positive step in helping to develop our most precious resource; our young people, and it’s very gratifying to see the response we get to this initiative,” Ms Fleming said.


 2014-2015 academic year Winners are:

  •    Walter Blanco of Sacred Heart College
  •    Debbie Ku of Sacred Heart College
  •    Jayrohan Emmanuel of Lady of Guadalupe
  •    Raymund Hernandez of Sacred Heart College
  •   Jorge Queliz of Nazarene High School
  •   Andrew Waight of Sacred Heart College
  •   Seleni Cu of St. Ignatius High School
  •   Edel Tzib of St. Ignatius High School
  •   Frank Garcia of Sacred Heart College
  •   Freddy Guerra of Sacred Heart College
  •   Andrea Moh of Eden High School
  •   Jessica Tun of University of Belize


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