Meet the 2012 Eco Kids

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Camp is officially over.  The eco campers got to perform one last time for the great turn out of families and friends who made it to Chaa Creek to attend the closing ceremonies.  The kids have now gone back home (at least we think there aren’t any left hiding in the jungle) with many amazing memories, great new friends, positive attitudes, and a better appreciation for what it means to be an “eco kid.”  I won’t forget this incredible opportunity anytime soon, and I know all the campers feel the same way I do!  To finish things off, here is a look at the 24 unique and special kids who have made the 2012 Chaa Creek Eco Camp such a memorable event.

Chaa Creek Summer Camp in Belize

Shaahid Abdul Jaleel - Hattieville, Belize District

“I want to become a veterinarian or have a profession which will allow me to interact with animals because I enjoy being with them and nurturing them.”

Eco Kids Belize

Reign Ackerley – San Pedro, Belize District

“I don’t need to be noticed if I pick up something (garbage).  It is the action that counts.”

Summer in Belize

Raeesa Ahmad – Belize City, Belize District

“It is important for children to learn as much as they can about the importance of protecting our environment.”

camping in belize

Kimauni Lewis – Belmopan, Cayo District

“I want a time in life where people and animals live in peace and harmony.”

summer camping in belize

Jalyssa Arthurs – San Ignacio, Cayo District

“I would like to protect life and nature.”

belize ecotourism

Xanahia Borrallos – Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District

“I will try my very best to educate everyone with the negative effect these gases are causing.”

Educational Summer Camp in Belize

Tyler Casimiro – Toledo District

“Never waste things that he/she can recycle to make into something new and benefits from it.”

summer vacations in belize

Gabriela Escobar – Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District

“I will do campaigns to promote and sensitize my community and town to become free of greenhouse gases.”

camping in san ignacio belize

Javier Gongora – Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District

“We need to recycle and we need to plant more trees and conserve our forests.”

summer camping holidays in belize

Elias Gonzales – Belize City, Belize District

“Nature plays an important role in my family’s life because it is the earth that provides our daily meals.”

holidays in belize

Roben Harrison - Belmopan, Cayo District

I want to spread the news about going green and keeping the environment clean.”

belize fun summer holidays

Erick Lopez - Corozal Town, Corozal District

“Everyone of us needs to make it our goal to protect and preserve all that our earth encompasses.”

adventure summer camping in belize

Kieva Mangar – Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District

“Going green is not easy, but it is not impossible either.  We can take it step by step to help improve our environment.”

camping in cayo district belize

Jaheim Mejia – Belize City, Belize District

“It is important to reuse because if you don’t you’re just making a waste of some manmade items.”

fun camping in belize cayo district

Camryn Nicholson

“If I was to choose between being an ECO KID or a SUPERWOMAN, it would have to be an ECO KID because being an eco kid would make me a superwoman, but twice the work a superwoman does would have to be done.”

eco kids summer camp belize 2012

Brianni Requena – Santa Elena, Cayo District

“Belize’s wildlife is precious and we need to protect them.”

adenture camping in belize central america

Diani Roches – Belize City, Belize District

“I want to know more about nature and to have a great education and this will be a great opportunity to experience more about history.”

adventure camping in cayo district belize central america

Emily Sanchez – San Pedro, Belize District

“Nature is self-governed and we cannot control it, but we can save it.”

campin in san ignacio belize chaa creek

Glevaughn Smith – Belize City, Belize District

“I believe that as I make an effort to preserve a healthy environment and encourage my friends to do so, then each of us is making a difference for the better.”

camping in belize central america

Glenn Tillet – Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk District

“I can start by taking small steps that can turn into huge leaps later on, all with the goal of conserving our environment.”

eco kids summer

Eulogio Teul – Toledo District

“I can organize a cleanup campaign and in this way I will be promoting and preserving the need to keep our environment clean and healthy for future generations.”
summer camping in central america

Erica Wade – Stann Creek, Stann Creek District

“I want to work on protecting the environment for the future by reducing stress on Mother Nature.”

eco kids camping central america

Luis Zavala – Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District

“Let us protect, serve, maintain, and care for our beautiful Belize.”

camping in belize eco kids

Chelsea Young – Belize City, Belize District

“If one out of every two people make a difference by cleaning up our streets and using their cars less often, the planet would become a cleaner, prettier, and healthier place.”

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