The Moroton Community Committee Installs 6 Beautiful Chairs at the San Ignacio Macal River Park

The Macal River Park is situated behind the Chaa Creek Business Office in San Ignacio Town and is a relaxing and serene park to read a  book, have an interesting conversation or a nice picnic with friends.

This weekend the Moroton Community Outreach Committee headed by Mick Fleming, Co-founder of Chaa Creek installed 6 comfortable and cozy chairs that were built at the Chaa Creek Wood Workshop.

According to Mr. Fleming, the objective of the Moroton Community Committee is to rebuild a sense of community within the Moroton area of San Ignacio.

Below are the six beautiful chairs each with a maxim that will motivate and inspire people who visit the park:

Note: The maxim that reads “If yu kyaahh du gud- now du bad” is in the Creole language and is translated in English as follows “If you cannot do good, please do not do bad”.

To learn more about our Community Outreach Programs, please visit the Chaa Creek Cares Page.

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