David Meerman Scott’s Belize Masterclass Levels the Field

Marketing guru David Meerman Scott is well known on the world lecture circuit for taking the global view, but his upcoming “Marketing Masterclass” in the tiny country of Belize shows how the local use of new media is levelling the playing field between the poorest and the richest nations.

Larry Waight, marketing administrator for the Lodge at Chaa Creek, said that the August 23rd seminar proves that you don’t need a large budget to make a big splash in today’s marketing environment.

“This visit and the Masterclass shows how dramatically new media and social networking has changed the face of communications and global marketing. Just a few years ago, Belize would not be attracting speakers of Mr Meerman Scott’s calibre. We simply wouldn’t have had the budget or the reach to attract the attention of people like him.

“However, with the emphasis on creative content marketing and better ways of engaging customers, smaller entities such as ourselves can stand out and attract attention. It’s a very exciting time to be marketing as the emphasis is on more on creatively communicating rather than just selling,” he said.

David Meerman Scott is the author of eight books, including three bestsellers, one of which, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” has been published in 26 languages, and sat in the top three of the Wall Street Journal’s and USA Today’s best seller lists. He is in demand worldwide as a speaker on topics such as marketing, leadership, and social media.

Mr Meerman Scott’s Real Time Marketing Masterclass, part of the Belize Tourism Industry Association’s August 23 2012 Marketing and PR Summit, consists of three 90 minute presentations on marketing in the new global online environment. Audience interaction will put the information in a Belizean context Mr Waight said, adding that Mr Meerman Scott said he is looking forward to staying at Chaa Creek during his visit to Belize.

“David’s work has had a big influence on many people and organisations, and that includes Chaa Creek. I’ve been reading him for years, so you can imagine how happy we were to hear him compliment us on our own marketing efforts.

“He also tells me how much he’s looking forward to visiting Belize, so that’s exciting as well. When the world’s most recognised marketer tell you he likes your product and how you promote it, well, it doesn’t get much better than that,” Mr Waight said.

The Belize 2012 Marketing and PR Summit with David Meerman Scott’s Masterclass is an all-day event to be held on August 23rd at the Princess Hotel and Casino. It is open to the public and costs $100.00 to attend. Mr Waight said that further information can be found at the BTIA website and Chaa Creek’s Belize Travel Blog.

“This really is another example of the positive effects of the internet, social media and global interconnectedness. I feel like we’ve gone from a beautiful but remote country to a beautiful and connected little country, and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities,” Mr Waight said.

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