The Best Travel Apps to Use On the Go

You’re hungry, exploring Belize, and you need to find a restaurant before you start snapping at your travel companions. What do you do? If your phone runs apps, you can be calling a taxi to the nearest hot spot while your paper-bound companions are still looking around for brochures.

Travel apps can help you find tourist destinations, local cultural events, and the best places to eat in Belize without wasting time looking through your guidebook or trying to speak the local language to ask a stranger. Now, you don’t need to sort through thousands of useless or overpriced travel apps to find the best ones. Here are the best travel apps to use while you’re on the go.

1. Belize Travel Guide

The free Hot Guide Belize app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones, so you can find great deals while you’re basking in the sun. There are also lots of coupons available on this app, and the index of restaurants, services, and accommodations will help you decide where to go next. You can even find emergency numbers, local maps, and events in this app. If you’re traveling in the beautiful country of Belize, this app will provide you with enough to get around wherever you need to go.

2. TripAdvisor

The worldwide travel site TripAdvisor has released an app to easily browse specific categories of travel info you might need to know. Hotels, restaurants, things to do, and flights are all easily contained within this app. The app is free, and the Belize section has hundreds of things to do, some with thousands of reviews! You can easily pick up tips from others who have been there before you go to a destination in order to get in for cheaper, do the best tours, or avoid scams and shady operators.

3. FlightTrack Pro

Plenty of app options exist for flight tracking, from the free FlightView to FlightAware, but FlightTrack Pro comes out on top. You’ll have to pay $10 for this one, but it’s nearly always right. FlightTrack Pro provides you with everything you need to know from your gate to where your flight is – while you’re in the air and in airplane mode! You can sync the app automatically with, a website that helps you keep all your reservations organized.

4. Lonely Planet City Guides and Ebooks

With a Belize-specific travel guide in your phone, you’ll be armed with a wealth of knowledge without having to lug around another heavy thing. You can use any PDF reader app to store the ebook, which has helpful facts on every area from the Northern Cayes to Southern Belize. The PDF version of the ebook is $13.99. There are also over 80 city guides currently available, so if you’re making stops in other countries on the way through, you might be able to find a guide to that city.

These are just four of the top apps you can use to explore the lush nature and city nightlife available in Belize. Before you know it, you’ll have your own favorite spots to share with travelers who are less tech-savvy and didn’t think to download travel apps before they left.

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Guest post contributed by Carla Gregson on behalf of Bingostreet Promotions. Carla is a freelance travel writer with a penchant for technology. She enjoys writing articles about her travel experiences and sharing them on various online travel publications.

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