Tips To Cook Salmon Fish Perfectly In Few Minutes

Cooking Salmon Fish Perfectly In Few Minutes

There are many people around me who are just fond of eating Salmon and cannot think about anything else when having an option of sea-food. As a matter of fact, Salmon is very difficult to cook. Unless and until it is perfectly cooked, the essence and taste cannot be achieved. Salmon is not only fatty, but also contains a lot of vitamins and essential minerals.

However, there are so many things that can go wrong while selecting and cooking a Salmon. There are number of ways due to which the whole essence of salmon recipes can go hay-waye in a matter of minutes. Some of the problems such as overcooked, chewy and dry can ruin the recipe and desire of the people waiting to have it. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn some quick tips and essentials of cooking perfect Salmon at home. The first and the foremost step to cook a perfect recipe is to carefully select the Salmon before cooking.

In this article, we will provide you with few simple and effective tips to select and cook and in short span of time. Let’s begin with the selecting process.

How To Select A Perfect Salmon

  • Freshness is the key to select a perfect Salmon. Make sure you choose a perfect Salmon from the available ones. It should look bright and feel smooth. Avoid taking those with dull appearance and false smell.  Ask the vendor about the time when it was caught. Also, make sure that you buy it from a reliable and reputed vendor in your locality. This is because they will always have a fresh stock because of their popularity in the area. People prefer to buy more from popular and hygienic stores and this is why they are always able to sell the entire stock on the same day. Thus, giving you an option of buying Salmon that would not be older than a day.
  • It is always advised to choose belly fillets as it has more fat and thickness. It is better to choose a thick and fattier salmon as per your budget.
  • Make sure you search for fresh Salmon and do not settle down for the frozen ones in the first shop itself. However, it case you do not get a fresh piece frozen ones can also work.
  • Now, we will guide you with few simple steps that will help you cook the Salmon perfectly in short time.

How To Grill Salmon Fish In Few Minutes

1. Leave the skin and marinate the Salmon for 7- 10 minutes with your preferable method of marinating. Make sure you do not exceed this time; else the Salmon will start to break out in flakes.  You can use your favourite factory-made fish marinade for marinating process.

2. By the time your Salmon gets marinated, prepare the barbecue to grilling purpose. Pre-heat it at a medium temperature ranging from 300 to 325 degrees F. Make sure you use non-stick grill. If not, then coat the grill with butter or non-stick spray.

3. As soon the 10 minutes of marinating are up, put the marinated Salmon on the grill. Grill it until it is slightly undercooked and flip the side.

4. Cook each side for about 3 and a half minutes each. Do not overcook. It can become hard and taste bitter when overcooked. Most of the Salmon Recipes recommend cooking the Salmon until it’s medium-rare.  A perfect Salmon feels firm on being pressed down.

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