Belize Grows in Popularity as Spring Break Destination

Belize is becoming increasingly popular as a new Spring break destination with more and more students wishing to mix exotic adventure with the annual ritual of sun, fun and partying, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Bryony Fleming.

Ms Fleming, the Belizean eco-resort’s food and beverage manager, said that she has noticed a trend towards more adventure and activity-focussed Spring break vacations.
“There has been a definite increase in enquiries about Spring Break options here in Belize and I’m sure word of mouth and social media are driving much of the interest we’re seeing in recent years,” Ms Fleming said.

In the past, the most popular Spring break destinations were the beaches of Florida, especially Daytona Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, as well as South Padre Island in Texas. However, since the 1990s Mexico has become increasingly popular, with Cancun hosting huge and often raucous groups of revellers.

More recently, Ms Fleming said, more and more people are discovering neighbouring Belize, with its pristine rainforests, uncrowded Caribbean coastline, hundreds of tiny islands and the Belize Great Barrier Reef, the world’s second largest.

“I think we’re seeing a growing trend where younger people are looking to combine a bit of adventure and healthy activities with their partying. They’re realising that drinking and dancing are all well and good, but let’s face it, you can do that anywhere. With a Belizean Spring break, you get to let off steam and still go home having had a real adventure, something exotic and unique that will stay with you forever,” she said.

Ms Fleming said that Chaa Creek’s Rainforest and Reef all-inclusive Belize vacation packages are popular, as they give people a chance to combine inland jungle adventures with a Caribbean beach holiday in one affordable package.

“When you think about it, these packages are a great way to go, as you can decide to start your holiday on the beaches or inland and pack so much in that it’s like having several vacations in one trip. For example, you can start off exploring ancient Maya cities and temples, canoeing beautiful rivers, discovering the amazing network of Maya ceremonial caves filled with ancient artefacts and sacrificial sites, or go on jungle excursions by horseback, mountain bike or on foot and either with naturalist guides or on your own.

“And then it’s a short hop to the white sand beaches of our Caribbean coast or islands such as Ambergris Caye, which is right on the Belize Barrier Reef and offers spectacular diving, snorkelling, sailing, sea kayaking or just swimming and lounging during the day and dancing and vibrant partying at night. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have one of the most memorable times of your life in a very friendly, English speaking country that’s only a couple hours from the US,” she said.

Ms Fleming added that she and her staff are happy to work with individuals, couples and groups to help design packages that cater to specific interests and activities. “With our all-inclusive Belize vacation packages everything is included from the moment we pick you up until we drop you back off at the Belize international airport, and that includes seamless transfers to and from the Caribbean coast and islands, from accommodation, meals and even all gratuities and government taxes for each resort. There’re no surprises and no hassles, so your Spring break is a real break from everything except enjoying yourself.

“And if word of mouth is anything to go by, people are going away very happy,” she said.

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