Belize Green + Old Yeller = Colourful Metaphor

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OK, we can’t help ourselves…

Every time Belize gets mentioned in Breaking Bad you just got to pay attention. When one of the world’s smallest countries is mentioned on one of the world’s biggest television shows, regardless of how weird the reference is, your ears automatically pick up.

So here we were, innocently watching episode 512 while sipping green coconut water through straws and munching on snacks, when Saul lets fly with another gem, this time likening Jesse Pinkman to that famous pooch who had to be put down because of rabies…

We’re wondering if maybe this isn’t an Old Yeller type situation … Yeah, Old Yeller was the best, most loyal dog that ever was. I mean everybody loved that mutt. But one day he showed up rabid, and little Timmy, for Old Yeller‘s own sake, had to uhh, well I mean you saw the movie…”, quoth Saul.

To which Walter White replies;

You’re full of colorful metaphors, aren’t you Saul? Belize. Old Yeller. You’re just brimming with advice. Do not float that idea again! Find him!”

We immediately sat up at the mention of our favorite country.

Those of you following the show, or our earlier post of August 27, will remember the previous reference to Belize, which prompted the Belize Tourism Board to invite the cast of Breaking Bad to Belize. And, when Aaron Paul, who plays the Jesse Pinkman character tweeted his interest, he was tweeted back with a personal invitation to enjoy one of Chaa Creek’s Rainforest to Reef packages so that he and a friend could experience everything, from ancient Maya temples to the Belize Great Barrier Reef, that makes Belize such a perfect metaphor for heaven.

Now, only a few years ago thousands of people the world over would be Googling “Belize” wondering what in the heck the characters were talking about. Today, they’re still wondering what they’re talking about, but a lot more people know about what used to be “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”.

As for us, we’re keeping our ears open for any further references to the Jewel, and opening up a new contest – the first person who mentions and correctly quotes that next reference to Belize in Breaking Bad at Chaa Creek’s Jungle Lounge wins a free glass of Beliken Beer – the beer of Belize.

And Team Jesse – the offer’s still open. Like we said, you never know when Jesse Pinkman will be offered his own “trip to Belize” courtesy of Walter White, and this way you’ll know what you have to look forward to.

Stay tuned…


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