8 Pictures of Belize that makes you want to Vacation here!

Belize is the only country in the world with a jaguar preserve which is located in southern Belize. The park covers an area of 150 square miles of tropical forest and is rich in beauty, wildlife and even an ancient ceremonial Maya site.

The park also protects the headwaters of two major river systems and supports and abundance of hardwood vegetation and diverse fauna assemblage.

Belize is a sanctuary for birds because of its extensive protected forests, varied wetland habitat and strategic location on a major migratory route. Over 587 birds have been recorded in the country, of these approximately 20% are migrants from North America.

Belize is an ideal destination to spot whale sharks so head to the  Gladden Spit near Placencia Belize where you can have the chance to see these gentle giants up close and personally. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that really shouldn’t be missed.

Many people enjoy the ease and freedom of snorkeling in the warm clear tropical waters of Belize’s Caribbean reef and seacoast, where some of the most beautiful underwater scenes are to be found in the better lit and more abundant shallower waters.

Lamanai Maya ruins in orange walk Belize

The Maya are a huge part of Belize’s history and the ruins at Lamanai are spectacular. Reach them via a guided tour up the New River, which is worth a visit on its own.

It can be difficult to see the rain forest properly when walking, so for a different perspective how about zip lining through it above and through the canopy?

Belize is a diver’s paradise and even those who don’t like slipping into a wetsuit can enjoy the exquisite marine life with a visit to the Hole Chan Marine Reserve off the coast of Belize.

A trip to Belize is not complete without seeing the howler monkeys so head to the Community Baboon Sanctuary where you can see the endangered black howler monkeys.

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  1. From the looks of it Belize is absolutely beautiful. As of now it is one of my last remaining countries to visit in Central America, going to have to make a trip there in the near future and spend some time in the nature preserves


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