Plan A Perfect Romantic Getaway In Western Belize

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  1. Romantic Getaways // Romantic Destinations 
  2. You and Me in Belize: 
  3. Where To Go & What to Do: Western Belize 
  4. Where To Stay//Romance in The Rainforest 

Romantic Getaways // Romantic Destinations

Yes, you are my favourite! Isn’t that something we all want to state at least once? To meet and connect with a person means there is love in every touch, every sight, and every moment with that special someone. Whether it be enjoying coffee together, home-cooked meals, or even long road trips, there is something that makes every day better.

We get it; love is in the air!  

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But how about enjoying each other’s company with an exciting vacation that promises the perfect romantic getaway? Escape the charms of home and venture off to the Caribbean, just a few hours away (if you are traveling from the United States). Take advantage of the newly added flight routes to Belize and experience adventure and relaxation at its finest. 

You and Me in Belize:

            Belize, have you heard about this little gem; this secret of a destination with its vibrant evergreen rainforest, off-the-beaten-path adventures that lead to oases of fresh, calm waters flowing from the heart of the Maya Mountains. And last but not least, the warm hospitality that characterizes a day touring charming towns, villages, and communities. 

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Nat Geo has delved into the destination and has highlighted its ancient Maya Cities. At the same time, the Travel Channel has focused on its increasing popularity for newlyweds, and Lonely Planet has explored and discovered its many attractions. The possibilities are endless, and the experiences are exhilarating!

Where To Go & What to Do: Western Belize

Hand in hand, let’s go! A little adventure can spice up your romance and ignite that spark! Lucky for you, Western Belize offers an action-packed itinerary that takes place in its lush interiors that start off with exploring Ancient Mayan Cities, cascading waterfalls, and ethnographic adventures in the vibrant cultural center of San Ignacio Town.  

Day 1: Start your romantic getaway by venturing into Xunantunich, a Maya City guarded by the Mopan River, sitting quietly across from the village of San Jose Succotz. Together climb to the top of “El Castillo” and roam around its 6 major plazas; keep your eyes on the canopies, too, and spot some lively Spider Monkeys. 

Day 2: Leave the busy highways behind and plunge into the calm waters of Big Rock Waterfalls or peacefully enjoy the still waters of Rio on Pools. An all-day escape that promises uninterrupted bonding in the home illusive Jaguar. 

Day 3: Thrilling escapades accomplished. It’s time to experience the captivating lure of the town of San Ignacio, known for its accessibility and cultural infusions. Enjoy its authentic vibes at the Farmers Market, teeming with tropical fruits and healthy vegetables. When booking a chocolate-making class, learn about the culture and discover its conservation initiatives when visiting the Iguana Hatchery. 

Where To Stay//Romance in The Rainforest

            Igniting passion with exciting adventures while romancing and reconnecting in the rainforest sounds right. Channel the rainforest’s tranquillity and book a stay at The Lodge Chaa Creek, an eco-resort 20 minutes away from the San Ignacio Town, offering the perfect private setting to enjoy clear skies and starry nights, tropical-infused cocktails and comfortable rooms.

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            Let romance bloom with a grand gesture and make it a date night. Surprise him or her with a romantic dinner by the Infinity Pool or in the privacy of your room, complete with a private waiter, colourful tropical flowers, and an appetizing meal. 

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            Regardless of where you choose to stay or what you do: Set your pace together or, as Belizeans might put it: Juntos, Tugedah, pa’late in. See you soon.  

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