Chaa Creek Fosters “Transformative” Family Adventures

Chaa Creek - March 2013

More and more families are stepping outside the box to explore new experiences and grow together by sharing vacations in exotic locations that offer adventurous challenges, according to the owner of a Belizean eco resort specialising in family adventures.

Lucy Fleming, the cofounder and GM of the Lodge at Chaa Creek, said that she has been seeing a rise in families taking part in activities and all-inclusive Belize vacation packages such as the Family Adventure package Chaa Creek offers.

“Not so long ago, adventure packages and family packages were almost mutually exclusive. Adventure was seen to be the realm of couples, individuals and groups looking to challenge themselves or explore the less travelled parts of Belize, while family vacations were seen more as just getting everyone together.

“In recent years, offerings like our Family Adventure packages have been attracting more and more people as families see the value in sharing adventures together. There’s nothing like experiencing new things together and sharing adventures to strengthen bonds and bring people closer together. It’s what we call transformative family adventures,” Ms Fleming said.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek sits within a secure, private 365 acre private rainforest nature reserve crisscrossed with miles of trails connecting over 70 ancient Maya archaeological sites and temples as well as the renowned Belize Natural History Centre, a working butterfly farm, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail and Maya Organic Farm, Hilltop Spa, infinity pool and other amenities such as a fine dining restaurant, Jungle Lounge, and games and entertainment areas with licensed ‘kids friendly’ guides.

Offering a range of a activities such as horseback and mountain bike excursions, canoeing down the Macal River, guided nature walks, birding and more, Chaa Creek has been called a “destination within a destination” that offers a complete Belize vacation within its own borders and through its network of affiliate resorts on Belize’s Caribbean coast, the Belize Great Barrier Reef and islands.

“We started Chaa Creek as a family farm over 30 years ago, so we always had a family friendly atmosphere,” Ms Fleming said. “As parents we know the importance of balancing holidays to give families time together as well as having activities for the younger people so the adults can enjoy quality time together and relax in the lounge or with professional massages and treatments at the Spa,” she said.

Chaa Creek offers family friendly initiatives such as “kids stay and play for free”, dedicated kids friendly staff and child minding, and activities such as the new Nature Quest Treasure Hunt that takes children on a guided educational rainforest adventure.

Ms Fleming said that the all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, which provide a complete Belize holiday for one set price that includes all accommodation, meals, activities, transfers and even gratuities and taxes have become popular as they allow parents to relax without worrying about planning details or hidden costs.

“We’ve always taken pride in fostering an atmosphere that every member of a family can enjoy, from toddlers to teens to the parents and grandparents, and feedback has been very positive in that regard,” Ms Fleming said.

“I believe that a sense of wonder can be equally shared by adults, teens and children alike, and that’s wonderful to see,” she added.

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