A Family’s Comments That Put Smiles On Our 160 Member Family’s Faces

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  1. A Family’s Comments That Put Smiles On Our 160 Member Family’s Faces

A Family’s Comments That Put Smiles On Our 160 Member Family’s Faces

Like most people, we like being told we’re doing a good job.

Praise, especially for a customer-focused team, is always welcome and lifts the spirits. We really enjoy the many personal thanks we receive, and the overwhelmingly positive comments on traveller-reviewed sites such as TripAdvisor. Even the less-than-laudatory remarks are received with appreciation – they help us improve and grow.

And every now and then we come across something that puts a smile on all our faces and makes us think – “Yes! This is what it’s all about.”

That was the case when a colleague contacted us to say, “Did you see the recent mention about Chaa Creek on the Wildlands Adventures site?”

We hadn’t, but knowing about Wildlands’ thirty-year reputation for helping travellers get the most from their vacations, we took a look.

The review started with a family’s glowing reports on how much they enjoyed exploring the jungle and caves, canoeing, learning about butterflies, and more. A few comments particularly caught our attention.


“We loved every activity and place we went to!

“The guides at Chaa Creek are excellent – every one of them!”

We shared this with our licenced naturalist guides, who take their jobs enthusiastically, seriously and in the spirit of fun. They truly enjoy helping guests discover the beauty of Belize’s natural and cultural treasures, and we all love that their easygoing passion resonates with our visitors.

Two things in another comment broadened the smiles on our faces:

“Chaa Creek was wonderful. I loved that it wasn’t just a hotel in the jungle, but the family has been part of the community for many years and offers the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff I could imagine.”


At Chaa Creek we share comments and news among our 160 member staff, and remarks like this confirm something we all sincerely believe to be true – that people are our most important asset. One thing that comes up, time and time again in reviews and travel sites is the mix of professionalism and genuine friendliness our guests enjoy here.

Sure, we’re surrounded by stunning natural beauty, near-perfect weather and an abundance of colourful flora and fauna, complimented by an environmentally friendly built-environment and luxurious amenities, but, at the end of the day, we believe that it’s the close ties and the friendships established between guests and staff members that make the difference at Chaa Creek.


And it’s great to see that our visitors feel the same.

We also loved that the family recognised Chaa Creek’s close ties with the local villages and communities. About this time early last year our owners Mick and Lucy were on their way to Berlin to accept first place honours at National Geographic’s World Legacy Awards for “Engaging Communities”, and while such prestigious recognition from the travel industry is wonderful, the fact that our guests notice and appreciate this close bond is what matters most to us.


So we wish to thank Wildlands Adventures for recommending Chaa Creek to the Highman family, and want to thank the family for brightening our day with such kind and thoughtful comments. It lets all of us here know that we’re doing something right, and keeps everyone focussed on the most important – and most enjoyable part of our jobs:


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