Literature’s Alive and Well in The Jewel

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writing in Belize
writing in Belize

Given the enthusiastic response during this week’s launch of a new book of stories, poems and drama at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City, literature continues to thrive in Belize.

“Moments in Time -A Collection of Poems, Short Stories and a Play” by Belizean writer Dr Corinth Morter-Lewis, drew immediate acclaim from the local literati, including Belize’s Minister of Education Youth and Sports, Patrick Faber, who said, “Now that I have had a chance to look through these two volumes of her book, I am even more convinced… what an excellent lady she is and how great her contributions have been to Belize's education system."

Dr Morter-Lewis is a prominent Belize educator as well as an author and poet, having served as President of the University of Belize. As a poet, she is well known for penning the “Tribute to the Belizean Flag” which commemorated Belize’s Independence in 1981 and is still recited in schools throughout the country. Her latest work is presented in two volumes; Volume One, consisting of poems, short stories and a play, is intended for a broad audience of all ages, while Volume Two is aimed at upper primary and high school students. "I really want you to read this book because it's about you” Dr Morter-Lewis told the audience during the launch, and given the way her work resonates throughout Belize, it’s safe to say that there are many Belizeans who will agree.

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