Why just wear the Green when you can immerse yourself in it?

Why just wear the Green when you can immerse yourself in it?


We thought you guys would be interested in why you’ll be getting a visit from six people from Boston (that’s in the State of Massachusetts, USA for those of you who may not know…)

Well, it happened like this…

We were just enjoying a pint of Guinness, as you do on a cold Sunday in Beantown (as Boston is affectionately known) when it dawned upon us that March had already arrived, and that can only mean one thing.

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming!

Yes indeed, Ireland and Boston’s patron’s Saint Day is upon us, and three things occurred to us:

One: It’s freezing outside the pub right now.

Two: That’s not likely to get a whole lot better in the next two weeks, and

Three: We’ve been doing the same thing for years, which is to wear the green, have a few drinks in honour of our favourite saint, and march in the cold St Patrick’s Day parade.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.

But my mate Paddy and his missus had been to Belize last year, and mooted what we thought was a brilliant idea.

Instead of wearing green, why not surround us in it, and some warm weather to boot? According to Mr and Mrs Doyle, the aforementioned couple, Belize is as green as a field of shamrocks in March, and warm as a colleen’s embrace.

It’s not very far from Boston’s Logan airport, Paddy calculated, being only a short hop from Miami or Houston, and then you’re going swimming on Saint Pats!

Also, with these Chaa Creek all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, all we had to do make it to the plane on time, the Bob’s our uncle. They pick us up, drive us direct to the resort in time for dinner, and that’s it. The perfect Saint Paddy’s.  And it’s affordable.

We’re told the country also makes a very decent stout, so there is that…

Well, the misuses are over the moon about the whole idea, it sounds affordable, so it looks like St Pat’s in Belize this year.

Who would have thought? But the more you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We’re all due for a holiday anyway, and why not go when the weather is, frankly, not at its best up north, and what with hiking around ancient Maya temples, swimming and canoeing and all, we’ll come back in better shape than how we left.

Now won’t that be a St Paddy’s to remember!

So there you have it. The reservations are being made, and we’re looking forward to doing something different this year.

I’m sure Saint Patrick would approve… we’ll see you there. And remember, you don’t need to be Irish to enjoy St Patrick’s Day…


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