Tips for an Affordable, Extraordinary Summer Holiday

Tips for an Affordable, Extraordinary Summer Holiday

With a bit of comparison shopping, a summer holiday in an exotic Caribbean rainforest setting may cost less than taking a vacation at home, according to a vacation planning expert at Belize’s The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

Bryony Fleming Bradley, who is also Chaa Creek’s assistant GM, said that the popular eco resort’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages can result in big savings by removing any hidden costs from a holiday.

“What always blows out vacation budgets is the many surprises and hidden costs people seem to encounter when travelling, whether overseas or in their own country,” she said. “As much as you plan, things always seem to arise that end up costing more than expected.”

“By booking an all-inclusive Belize vacation package, you know exactly what everything is going to cost from the moment you land in Belize until you depart, so that you get the most out of your summer vacation with the least amount of expense and stress,” she added.

Ms Fleming Bradley said that another advantage of all-inclusive vacation deals is the very low cost overall.

“Because of our resources and network of affiliates we can bundle things together to offer a complete Belizean experience for far less than anyone could do it on their own.

“For example, Chaa Creek sits within a secure 365 acre private rainforest nature reserve that contains an enormous variety of ecological features, such as the rainforest, the rolling foothills of the Maya Mountains, low lying pasture land, creeks, the pristine Macal River and so much more, including over 70 ancient Maya archaeological sites and the temple of Tunichilen, which is why we’ve become known as a ‘destination within a destination’.

“This means that we can offer a variety of experiences, such as hiking, horseback or mountain bike riding through miles of beautiful jungle trails, canoeing down the Macal River, guided nature walks, excursions to ancient Maya cities and temples, birding, caving and a range of activities right here.

“We also have an infinity pool, the educational Belize Natural History Centre, butterfly farm, Hilltop Spa, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail and Maya Organic Farm, a fine dining restaurant and Jungle Lounge. With these resources in place, which have evolved over 30 years, and a commitment to provide unique, affordable Belize vacations, we’re confident of being able to offer our guests the best Belize vacation deals possible.”

Ms Fleming Bradley explained that Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages offer a complete Belize holiday for one set price that includes all accommodation, meals, activities, tours, transfers and even staff gratuities and government taxes.

“We have a variety of packages catering to a wide range of interests, so by leaving everything up to us, and being assured of receiving the best deal possible, you’re guaranteed a relaxing holiday, whether with your family, a significant other or just on your own.”

“They say the devil’s in the detail, so we suggest travellers leave the details to us and enjoy their precious summer vacation time to the fullest,’ Ms Fleming Bradley said.

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  1. These are really great tips! Very helpful for anyone who would like to take a great summer vacation, but isn’t able to afford an expensive trip. Thanks for the post.


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