Eco Kids Learn About Sustainability

Today’s Theme: Sustainability

Today’s Arts and Crafts Project: Plastic Bottle Pencil Holders

Theme Song: “Can’t Walk da mi Plantation”

6:15 AM: Campers wake up the counselors!Arts and Crafts time! Eco-Campers managed to turn the tables on their counselors this morning, as they were the ones to yell out the morning wake-up call about 15 minutes early. All the counselors were still sleeping, but the campers haven’t needed a wakeup call since the first day!

Campers were full of energy this morning, playing a game of ‘John Wayne” as the counselors set up their arts and crafts stations. Today’s project involves turning old plastic water bottles into pencil holders. Some of the younger campers had trouble attaching the pieces together, but luckily the counselors were available to give them a hand.

Campers also practiced for this evening’s song competition, where all 4 teams will face off to see who gets the honor of singing for the parents on the last day of camp. From what the counselors heard, it sounds like it’s going to be a close race!

After perfecting their songs, campers headed over to the Chaa Creek conference room to listen to a presentation on Responsible Tourism by Mr. Larry Waight, which highlighted several of the ways in which Chaa Creek works to ensure that it remains environmentally responsible.

A quick lunch later, teams Howler Monkey and Team Blue Morpho headed off to try some horseback riding, while Teams Jaguar and Firefly got some swim time in at the pool. The weather was a little bit nicer than last time, with bright sunshine and a nice breeze, and campers trotted along like pros led by the naturalist guide Mr. Hilberto. A couple campers did mention that they may be walking bowlegged for the next couple days, but it’s completely worth it! All that’s left this evening is a bit more practice before the campers face off against each other in the song competition.

The competition will be fierce, as all 4 teams have some talented singers in the group, and the counselor judges will definitely have their work cut out for them.

We’ll just have to see who the winners will be!

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