Belizean Eco Resort Offers Aaron Paul his own “trip to Belize”


Is Jesse Pinkman getting a jump on Hank Schrader’s trip to Belize?

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, a popular Belizean eco resort, said it was happy to see Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul’s tweet that he’s considering taking advantage of an invitation to take a trip to Belize.

Chaa Creek’s marketing director Larry Waight said he saw the Aaron Paul tweet after the Belize Tourism Board issued an invitation to the creators and cast of the popular American television series to visit Belize following a curious reference to the country during which the character Saul asks Walter White, ‘Have you given any thought to sending him on a trip to Belize?” as a euphemism for murdering Hank Schrader.

“Send him to Belize? I’ll send you to Belize!” the White character, played by Bryan Cranston, responded.

While some people felt the reference was disparaging, Mr Waight said Chaa Creek’s management found it funny.

“As you can imagine, in a tiny country such as Belize, word spread like wildfire after we were mentioned in the last episode of Breaking Bad. As a member of our team blogged the next day, reactions were mixed, but that we saw it in a humorous light,” Mr Waight said.

Chaa Creek’s Belize Travel Blog post jokingly defended Saul’s use of Belize and read, in part:

“Why not? They obviously agree that Belize is heaven! Saul was being kind! He was suggesting they solve the problem by dispatching Hank to Paradise! Get him out of the way in the best manner possible! Send him to his eternal reward!”

Now, the argument has a certain logic to it. To anyone who has been there, Belize is the closest thing we have to heaven on earth. So if you do a quick substitution;

“Have you given any thought to sending him to Heaven?” it makes a lot of sense.”

Ms Waight said they were pleased to read that reader response to the blog post was so positive, and then saw that the Belize Tourism Board invited the Breaking Bad crew to come visit Belize.

“We were glad to see that the Belize Tourism Board responded with an invitation to the Breaking Bad cast, and even happier to see that Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, responded with a tweet of his own:

“Tourism Board Wants ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast To Go On ‘A Trip To Belize’ Ummmm…let’s do this!”

Mr Waight said this lead to a decision to invite Mr Paul to Chaa Creek.

“Since Mr Paul was the first to directly respond to the invitation, Chaa Creek’s management felt it only fair that they should offer a personal invitation to him and a friend to be our guests and see for themselves why it’s so easy to equate Belize with heaven. After one of our Rainforest to Reef excursions, starting with some jungle and Maya temple explorations and finishing up on the Belize Great Barrier Reef, we’re sure he’ll quickly get into the spirit of our blog post and see for himself how easily Belize could be mistaken for heaven.”

Chaa Creek tweeted Mr Paul an invitation to Mr Paul at Team Jesse Pinkman, and received the positive response, Mr Waight said.

“We just said, Yo! And offered a holiday as our guests if you come to Belize, and Team Jesse Pinkman replied “Can we go? LOL,” Mr Waight explained.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek sits within a 365 acre private rainforest nature reserve and, along with their sister resorts on Belize’s Caribbean coast and the world’s second largest barrier reef, offers unique vacation adventure packages across Belize.

Mr Waight said he felt that Chaa Creek’s casual luxury would appeal to Mr Paul.

“From what we’ve seen of Mr Paul, from his acting and things like his earlier guest appearances on “The Price is Right” TV show, and his social justice work with his wife on the ‘Kind campaign’ we think he’d fit right in here.”

He said that Mr Paul might also find practical reasons for taking Chaa Creek up on their offer.

“Like much of the world, we can’t wait to see what happens as the Breaking Bad story unfolds. However, it’s not inconceivable that Jesse Pinkman may, at some point, be offered his own trip to Belize.

“This way, if that scenario eventuates, he’ll know what he has to look forward to,” Mr Waight said.

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