Does “Breaking Bad” suggest that Belize is Heaven?

Breaking Bad Belize

Writing about one of your favourite places in the world, in this case Belize, is a dual edged sword. On one hand, you receive a daily barrage of information, tips, theories, comments and information, relevant and otherwise, about a place you love.

On the other hand, you wade through a daily barrage of… you get the picture.

So it was no surprise to see the inbox was filled with the news that Belize was mentioned in Season 5, Episode 10 of Breaking Bad, that insanely popular television series.

Being at the moment on the other side of the world from the Jewel, we don’t get to see Breaking Bad until the day after most viewers do, so it was with even more than the usual anticipation that we waited for it to air. Yes, we’ll to admit to being totally hooked and agree with most of the world that BB is a truly great creation, works on so many levels, blends high art with pop culture, etc.

For example, when was the last time an understanding of the work of a major 19th century romantic poet was integral to a popular TV show? Check out the trailer for Season 5. Percy Bysshe Shelley’s sonnet, Ozymandias hasn’t had such a run since it was first published in 1818.

So here we were, prepared to write about Belize and Breaking Bad. How cool is that?

Then we watch it.

(Spoiler alert!)

Hmmm… turns out Belize is mentioned when that highly entertaining sleazebag lawyer Saul suggests that Walt kills Hank to avoid being exposed as meth supremo Heisenberg.  In doing so, Saul, with his usual brilliant command of irony and euphemism, puts it this way:

“Have you given any thought to sending him on a trip to Belize?” (Translation: “Have you thought of just killing Hank?”)

So, after the usual long pause following the show’s conclusion someone chuckled, “Well, you won’t be writing about this, will you? Not exactly the best association or recommendation for this place you’re always speaking so highly of, is it?”

While we were considering this, and with a great deal of disappointment, another voice was raised:

“Why not? They obviously agree that Belize is heaven! Saul was being kind! He was suggesting they solve the problem by dispatching Hank to Paradise! Get him out of the way in the best manner possible! Send him to his eternal reward!”

Now, the argument has a certain logic to it. To anyone who has been there, Belize is the closest thing we have to heaven on earth. So if you do a quick substitution;

“Have you given any thought to sending him to Heaven?” it makes a lot of sense.

And shows that the creators of Breaking Bad are not only extremely talented, they’re well-travelled.

Because it sure sounds to us like they’ve been to Chaa Creek

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