Annual Waterways Volunteer work a Clean sweep to Eco – Success

What percentage of  approximately 340,000 is 2,000?

We’re terrible at maths, but we do know that it’s a pretty big size of the population when you’re talking about volunteers from a small country such as Belize.right-top---NYC2740s

But some 2,000 people were estimated to have showed up for the 22nd Annual Coastal National Coastal and River ways Clean-up campaign that was held during the last Saturday in September, with those environmental stalwarts Oceana Belize and the Scout Association of Belize lending their considerable support and  reporting  a record participation country wide.

The 2,000 volunteers worked on cleaning up sections of the sea, various lakes, lagoons, rivers and creeks, removing piles of debris and trash from the beaches and banks of Belize’s precious waterways and generally giving the ecosystem a much needed show of support along with very practical help.

Why? Because it’s the Belizean thing to do.

Oceana provided the volunteers with equipment and materials. The volunteers also took notes on the clean-up which will be then be used by the Ocean Conservancy to provide a snapshot of the problems caused by marine debris.  With that data, better plans can be developed and Belize’s precious eco system better protected.

Due to flooding, clean-up efforts in Belmopan and Orange Walk Town had to be postponed until this coming weekend, but if this weekend showed the sort of enthusiasm Belizeans have for keeping their waterways clean, we can expect a good turnout.

The organizations involved said they want to thank all those who participated this weekend, and so do we.  We’ve been blessed with a beautiful country and equally beautiful people who care about looking after it.

Shoulder to shoulder we keep building a better Belize.

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