We wish the PM all the best for surgery in the United States

Prime Minister Barrow’s office has just announced that he will be travelling to the US to undergo surgery soon.

Don’t worry – it sounds like good news. Apparently the PM is on his way to Los Angeles for back surgery that, if successful, will alleviate at least 80% of his current back pain.

Trust us, many of us desk jockeys sympathise with back pain and wish him all the best.Dean-Barrow-1-300x299

And Mr Barrow, who is 62, said if the operation is successful he should be back in in the country by November 14.

“The doctor has told me that he believes that it will be a little taxing because of the long flight from Los Angeles. He believes that I could actually come back as early as Wednesday. I set it for Thursday just to give myself that extra room,” Barrow told “Caribbean 360” when speaking of next week’s surgery.

Barrow continued that, based on his doctor’s advice, he should be back in office a week after his return, and added that “ thereafter if all goes well I should be able to say halleluiah and start a proper exercise regime and hopefully… get like 80 percent pain relief in consequence of the surgery and the recover”

Eighty per cent sounds pretty good, so we, along with your fellow Belizeans (hey, it doesn’t matter which side of politics you’re on, we’re a compassionate lot, and when it comes to pain and suffering, we all wish each other the best) hope everything turns out for the best and our Prime Minister enjoys a new found freedom from pain.

So, from all of us here at Chaa Creek, all the best, get well quickly and here’s hoping it all goes smoothly.

And who knows? If our blog of 24 October Chaa Creek Welcomes News of Medical Tourism in Belize comes true, you’ll save future plane trips and people may be coming here for medical procedures.

We can hope…

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