Belize is proud of the Jaguar’s noble Gold Cup effort

Victory may have eluded the Belize Jaguars, the first team in Belize’s history to play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup soccer tournament, but the lads are returning home with heads held high amid warm greetings from their many fans.

And they should be proud. When you consider that this plucky team from a little developing country of fewer than 350,000 inhabitants had the skill and courage to take on the highly trained and richly resourced team from the United States, with a population of well over 300 million, you get an idea of what determination means.1001498_10151683107468187_1825114810_n

Under Coach Andrew Mork the boys trained hard in the lead up to the match and played their hearts out, and in doing so made the entire country proud. It’s no mean feat qualifying to take on the best in the world in front of a live crowd of some 18,724 soccer fans and many more viewers. It was a noteworthy day in Belize sports history indeed.

So, great effort guys, we’re all proud of you and looking forward to the next Gold Cup.

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