Here are six safety tips for traveling with a peace of mind!

Here are six safety tips for traveling with a peace of mind!


With the holiday season upon us, The Lodge at Chaa Creek is offering travellers six easy tips to ensure a safe holiday, provided by the Belizean eco-resort’s Safety and Security Manager, Emil Bradley.

Mr Bradley, a former police and law enforcement professional, said that while the vast majority of vacations result in happy, positive experiences, things could occasionally go awry. By following a few tips, however, travellers can optimise their chances of having a safe, rewarding holiday.

“Chaa Creek promotes responsible travel, which not only entails being sensitive about your effect on nature and the local communities, but looking after yourself as well. When you’re away from home, sometimes different rules apply, but by using the following six easy tips, you maximise your chances of enjoying a safe, hassle-free holiday,” he said, and provided the following guidelines.

  1. Do some research. Before leaving home, do a bit of research on the country or countries you will be visiting. Get to know the local customs and culture, as what is considered acceptable in one country may be offensive or even illegal in another. It can be a good idea to write down or memorise some useful phrases if the language is different, and get an idea of the local attitude towards things like tipping and appropriate dressing.
  2. Have copies of your important documentation. Making photocopies of your passport and driver’s licence is a good idea, and keep copies with the hotel and with a family member or friend back home.
  3. Ensure that your family and friends know your travel arrangements. Just in case of an emergency or other event it can help if someone home knows of your itinerary. Remember that your mobile phone may not work in some places, so leave hotel or resort phone numbers if you have them.
  4. Carry different forms of payment (cash, credit and debit cards, travellers cheques etc.) Always carry more than one credit or debit card with you in case your primary one gets lost, stolen, demagnetized or damaged. Also, be sensitive about showing large amounts of cash in public.
  5. When you go out for the day or night, let the hotel know, and when you expect to return. This is also a good time to ask them about places you plan to visit, any security issues and other useful information.  The front desk people may have some better ideas for you! It’s also a good idea to carry the phone number and address of your hotel in a place separate from your wallet or purse.
  6. Avoid flashy dressing and wearing expensive jewellery, and keep track of your personal items.  This is true anywhere, and especially when travelling in developing countries or rural areas. Leave your best stuff at home. It helps you blend in and not become a target for unscrupulous people. In Belize, for instance, informal is the norm. You’ll feel more comfortable and become part of the scenery.

“There are of course other considerations, but by following these tips people can avoid the majority of the difficulties we hear about. We want people to enjoy their holidays and have a hassle-free vacation. The point is to not worry, but always be vigilant. Personal safety is a personal responsibility, but with a little attention it doesn’t need to be a big deal,” Mr Bradley said.

Mr Bradley said that all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, like those offered by Chaa Creek, could go a long way in making a holiday absolutely worry free.

“Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages are an example of a carefree, affordable way to enjoy a holiday. We’re known as Belize’s ‘destination within a destination’ as we’re situated within a secure 365 acre private nature reserve with miles of maintained trails for horseback and bike riding, hiking, birding, and a range of activities, as well as having the Macal River for canoeing.

“From the time we pick our guests up at the international airport until we drop them back off, they’re looked after by our staff and everything is included in the price of the package. Except for alcoholic drinks, there’s nothing else to pay. No hidden costs or surprises – it’s all taken care of, so issues such as carrying cash or getting lost don’t apply. We consider our guests’ security very seriously, and behind that casually luxurious front you can rest assured that a team of professionals is constantly on the job.

“After all, feeling safe and secure is a big part of any vacation, and like everything at Chaa Creek, our goal is to optimise our guests’ experience to the fullest,” Mr Bradley said.

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