The Ultimate Belize Valentine’s Vacation is Now Affordable

Valentine Ideas in Belize

The Ultimate Belize Valentine’s Vacation is Now Affordable

A luxury Valentines Day gift that was once out of reach for most people is now affordable for more couples, thanks to an all-inclusive Belize vacation package being offered during the entire month of February, according to The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s guest services manager.

And, according to Chaa Creek’s Denise Duran, the “Belize St Valentine’s Month” package caters to health conscious lovers.

“The idea of an overseas luxury Valentine’s Day vacation would have been a fantasy for most people not too long ago. But now, with all of February set aside for all-inclusive Belize Adventure Romance Packages, they’re in reach of more couples. ” Ms Duran said.

According to Ms Duran, Chaa Creek is able to offer affordable all-inclusive packages due to the infrastructure and activities already in place at the 365-acre private nature reserve.

“Over the years we’ve developed our own transport and other systems so that now we’re able to offer complete packages that, if you were to price each individual item, would be very expensive. It’s all part of having become Belize’s ‘destination within a destination’, as we’re known,” Ms Duran said.

One part of Chaa Creek’s infrastructure is the Maya Organic Farm from which the popular eco resort’s kitchen sources much of the ingredients for the meals it serves, Ms Duran said.

“By growing much of our own food, we not only have a ready supply of fresh, organically grown produce, but we reduce the food miles from origin to plate, which is good news for the environment as well as our guests’ health,” she said.

“It all contributes to an affordable, environmentally sound, Belize vacation package,” she said.

Ms Duran said that Belize’s close proximity to North America is another factor in the affordability of “St Valentine’s Month” packages.

“By being relatively close to major hubs in the US, Belize is an affordable destination, making our packages even more attractive. We’re easy to get to, and with the ‘St Valentines Month’ packages, from the moment we pick couples up until we drop them back off at Belize’s international airport everything, from accommodation, meals, activities, even staff gratuities, are taken care of.

“It’s an easy, affordable way to do something very special for each other and have an experience they’ll remember forever, and it’s something we take great pride in being able to offer,” Ms Duran said.

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