Fall in Love: 6 Astonishing Photos of Belize Jungle Weddings!

Fall in Love: 6 Astonishing Photos of Belize Jungle Weddings!


These 6 astonishing photos will inspire you to book your wedding ceremony in the jungles of Belize.

Imagine your wedding ceremony held amidst exotic flowers and flirty birdcalls in the tropical rainforest of Belize, or atop an ancient Mayan Ruin rising out of the plush jungles as you stand on limestone, treaded centuries ago by Mayan high priests and royalty. Or perhaps you prefer having huge, iridescent blue morpho butterflies released into nature as you exchange vows and savour that very special kiss.

1.  The Perfect Outdoor Backdrop


2. Meet Me at an Ancient Metropolis


3. A Rainforest Wedding to Remember


4. Bring out the Colorful Bridesmaids


5. Fairytale Dreams do Come True 


6. Don’t forget the fresh exotic flowers


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