Once again Belize makes top ten happiest countries in the world!

Once again Belize makes top ten happiest countries in the world!


You may remember back in August last year when we reported that the Travel Channel listed Belize as one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world?

Well, it’s happened again, the time the March 18th edition of the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, an investor’s guide and lifestyle site e-zine, listing Belize as one of the world’s ten top happiest countries.

No surprises there… I mean, just walk around the place….

But it is nice to be recognised again, and, of course, give us one more reason to be happy – we live in one of the top happiest places on earth!

Think about that when you wake up tomorrow…

Norway (of course), Denmark, Vietnam, Sweden, Holland, Costa Rica Canada, Colombia and El Salvador made the list, but only Belize is so small and intimate with that rare combination of such excellent weather (sorry Norway) close proximity to jungle, beach and Maya archaeological sites.

Plus, Belize has the best rice and beans in the world, hands down. Not to mention a great music culture, growing arts scene and a warm, multicultural feel that makes anyone feel at home…

The list goes on…

So there you have it – what we all know is recognised around the world – Belize is a very happy country filled with happy people.

And with the standard of living rising, the future indeed looks rosy. Ah Belize….

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