Kids Stay Free at Belize’s Chaa Creek in New Vacation Packages

Kids Stay Free at Belize’s Chaa Creek in New Vacation Packages

Belize's Chaa Creek vacation packages

The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize just announced an innovative new vacation special aimed at bridging the gap between grandparents and children with specially designed all-inclusive vacation packages.


The “Baby Boomers and Juniors” Belize vacation packages encourages grandparents to spend time with younger family members with a range of special activities and the additional sweetener of allowing kids under the age of 18 to stay free, according to Bryony Fleming-Bradley, Chaa Creek’s assistant GM.


“Here at Chaa Creek we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon recently where members of the so-called Baby Boomer generation are taking the grandkids on an exotic summer adventure vacation, with or without the parents,” Ms Fleming-Bradley said yesterday.

“Today’s active grandparents seem to be a little bit more creative and adventurous than those of previous generations, and want to spend more time with their families away from the television, computers, X Boxes, PlayStations and other modern distractions to enjoy time together in nature.”

Ms Fleming-Bradley said there has been a noticeable increase in yesterday’s baby boomers, social activists and nature loverstaking their families on more adventure and health oriented summer vacations in Belize.

“From our standpoint, it’s a great trend. Chaa Creek has always been very family friendly. People can choose from hiking, swimming, canoeing down pristine rivers, horseback or mountain bike riding through jungle trails, wandering through ancient Maya temples, going on guided nature walks, exploring miles of sacred Maya caves, and a wide range of other activities, so there really is something for everyone.

“We’re also seeing a tendency for parents to stay home to work or just relax by themselves while the grandparents spend more quality time with the youngsters over the summer school vacations. It really is a great bonding experience when the different generations share such experiences together,” Ms Fleming-Bradley said.

She added that  Chaa Creek’sBaby Boomers and Juniors program was developed in response to that trend.

“With so much to see and do during the summer months in Belize we wanted to create affordable vacation packages offering variety, flexibility and a good mix of activity and relaxation,” Ms Fleming-Bradley said, “For example, Rainforest to Reef packages allow families to combine a real Maya cultural experience in lush rainforest with a true Caribbean island holiday. Due to Belize’s small size and amazingly diverse ecosystem, and our own infrastructure and countrywide network of colleagues, we can offer these packages in a very affordable and hassle free manner.

“And now, with the grandkids staying for free, Grandparents can afford to bring them along on the vacation of a lifetime and share something really special,” she added.

Ms Fleming-Bradley said she thought a range of factors such as economics, availability of free time and lifestyle considerations of today’s grandparents was driving the trend. “It was well before my time, but from what I’ve seen, people from the 1960s and 70s seem to have a very creative approach to holidays and a strong emphasis on family. This fits in perfectly with our all-inclusive Belize family vacation packages,” she said.

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