Belizean wins first Houston Caribbean Queen Pageant: Congratulations Rheisha Shol!

Belizean wins first Houston Caribbean Queen Pageant: Congratulations Rheisha Shol!

The beautifully talented Rheisha Shol plays the Violin!

Another gifted young Belizean gains international recognition.


The first Houston Caribbean Queen (HCQ) Pageant, billed as “a cultural, educational, and festive event that seeks to celebrate the talent and intellectual abilities of young Caribbean women” was held on June 28, 2014 and it seems only fitting to us that the very first HC Queen is a talented young Belizean, Rheisha Shol.


Rheisha was born in the national capital of Belmopan and moved to Houston, Texas with her family, where she currently attends Texas State University.

In addition to possessing poise and the other qualities judges were looking for, Rheisha is obviously one intelligent young woman, having graduated in the top 10% of her high school class, winning numerous awards and serving on the cheerleading squad and as vice president of the graduation class, according to the HCQ website, which also tells us she has been active in various school and community organisations.

Miss Rheisha Shoil representing Belize at the Houston Queen Pageant

Rheisha has been back to Belize with her church group, and said she plans on becoming a community activist to raise awareness about domestic violence towards women and hopes to continue as a positive role model for adolescents.

Pageant organisers say the aim of the annual event is to highlight qualities such as talent, public speaking skills, commitment to public service, discipline and drive for success in young women while offering opportunities for personal enhancement through an educational scholarship, as well as other cash prizes and gifts.

“The HCQ winner will be a role model and an inspiration to young women both in Houston and the Caribbean,” they explain.

Well, we can’t think of a more inspiring role model than home-grown Rheisha, and look forward to hearing more about this impressive young Belizean after she takes on the crown, graduates, and goes out into the world to make a difference.

We’ve often said that in addition to stunning natural beauty, Belize’s best asset is her people, and young Belizeans such as Rheisha are living examples of that.

Or, as we also say, Belize is more than just a pretty face, and the same can obviously be said for ambassadors such as Rheisha.

Congratulations, Ms Shol, and we wish you continued success in the future.

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