Celebrating World Water Day Alongside Chaa Creek

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  1. Why World Water Day Matters
  2. What You Should Know
  3. How to Play Your Part

The United Nations sets afloat the World Water Day campaign—and we’re right behind them in pioneering for global change. The waters that sustain our very lives—those of the creatures in the jungles and the growth of our rainforests itself—is on the precipice for salvation.

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Declared as having a water and sanitation crisis by the UN, the world is far behind in completing its promise made in 2015 to have safely managed water and sanitation by 2030.  Now, governments, companies, and people like us must join hands to show what it means to treat our environment with love and respect. 

Why World Water Day Matters

We all know of Earth Day, when we come together and celebrate the globe’s natural marvels and how we can protect it for our grandchildren down the line. But how many of us truly know and recognize World Water Day? Our waters are just as important as our extensive land.

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After all, it makes up 70% of our beautiful Earth! Considering we use it to cook delicious meals, quench our thirst, and nourish all walks of life, we must do everything in our power to conserve it before time runs out. We are determined in our role to get the cogs turning on a widespread impact that benefits every corner of the world. 

As dutiful hummingbirds, we must play our part in conserving the all-encompassing deep blue. Why are we hummingbirds, you may ask? In the fable treasured by the UN, one tiny but mighty hummingbird carrying water droplets in its mouth to put out a forest fire inspires change within people.

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Just like the hummingbird said in the story, “I’m doing what I can,” we can, too. It takes one person to start a chain reaction, and one person caring about our waters is better than none! Your humble contribution and thoughts matter. 

What You Should Know

How do we bring awareness to this worldwide emergency? What can we do to make people see mundane acts such as brushing one’s teeth, taking a shower, or simply drinking a refreshing cup of water as noteworthy? When we use examples of everyday life and suggest small cutbacks on daily routines, our voices are not heard as much due to the small gravitas it’s thought to contain.

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However, when we highlight the drastic amounts of water pollution or how difficult it is for some countries to get clean drinking water, we touch the lives of many. 

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The Lodge at Chaa Creek knows firsthand, from individual perspectives to a company’s broad point of view, how important our participation is in caring for our ecosystem. From initiatives that span across the board, sustainability is etched in our ethos.

For instance, every year, Chaa Creek tasks itself with cleaning our flowing and curving Macal River. These waters run for 200 miles within the Cayo district, so you can imagine how much souls depend on it for survival!

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Even at our reserve, rainwater is collected to restore water consumption and our usage is reduced by low-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads. These are just a few of our ingenuities for combating excessive water depletion. Once we come to appreciate our Earth’s overflowing resources, we come to play a part in saving it.

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Just this month, Belize happily conducted its 24th annual La Ruta Maya River Challenge. A canoe race that calls at the heart of many Belizeans to grace the shores of the Belize River, interspersed across many locations.

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People hailing from all over the country– and world– follow the paddlers that journey vigorously from San Ignacio Town to Belize City. This river was once used for trade, travel, and a search for a new home by our ancestors.

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Today, we honor it with great pride. In fact, our very own team won 1st Place! We truly love showcasing our will power in all endeavors.

How to Play Your Part

What is your version of the hummingbird that carries droplets of water to save its forest? You may think that bringing about universal transformation may be hard— far from it. Simple and thoughtful ideas are what kickstarts steady change in the world. We can’t all start off big and forget our mission halfway! Incorporating small changes into daily life is what makes it flow easily.

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Volunteering at community clean-ups once a year, then twice a year, and so on. Soon enough, you’ll be looking forward to the days you spent unwrapping the planet’s teeming beauty and the satisfying feeling that comes as a reward. 

Just by simply opening up the dialogue of World Water Day is enough to spur changes within those you interact with. You never know, you may turn all your friends into sustainability engineers!

Make it a challenge to see who can invent new ways in which we can help our environment thrive. You can never run out of ideas. If you’re truly stumped for initiatives you can take, the UN has graciously provided us with some. See how many you can accomplish before the year is over!

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Chaa Creek prospers in the acts of aiding and protecting our habitat. This means doing whatever we can to limit any depletion of the earth’s free resources. If you want to join us on this movement, you’re welcomed with open arms. 

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