Let’s Cheer on Belize’s Commonwealth Games Athletes!

Let’s Cheer on Belize’s Commonwealth Games Athletes!

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Belize’s fastest men and women began competing yesterday in the 20th Commonwealth Games at Glasgow, and, along with most of the country, managers, staff and guests at Chaa Creek we are cheering for them and anxiously awaiting more great results. 


With the track and field competitions on at the games yesterday, Sunday 27 July, Kaina Martinez ranked 5th and Mark Anderson ranked 8th on their 100 metre qualifying heats. Bravo to them for a job well done! 


Kenneth Medwood and Brandon Jones are set to begin their qualification runs next week, with Kenneth in the 400 metre hurdles and Brandon taking on the triple jump and the long jump.

Adding to the excitement, Katy Sealey will contest the heptathlon on Wednesday.

Anyone following our “This Sporting Life” posts will have an understanding of how far Belizean athletes have come in international competitions in recent years, and how much this means to many Belizeans. We are grateful that such positive role models for young people are rising up and taking their place on the world sporting stage, and salute the players, coaches, support teams and dedicated fans who fuel the competition on the local, regional, and now global levels.

It’s a great feeling to drive by villages and towns and seeing young people taking part in a variety of sports. Sometimes the equipment and playing fields may be basic, but the hearts are strong and the competition lively.  Belize’s world class athletes all started somewhere, and as they rise to the top it gives hope to all those young sportsmen and sportswomen trying their best and building their dreams, skills and confidence.

Good luck in Glasgow, Team Belize – your country is cheering you on.


And for the rest of our readers – stay tuned…

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