Chaa Creek’s Staff does it Again

Chaa Creek’s Staff does it Again 


Their generous donations through the Inland Expedition Guides/Staff Program once again brought joy and much needed school supplies to local children


We recently wrote about the annual Chaa Creek Scholarship Program, which kicked off this year on August 20 with a special luncheon at the Guava Limb Café for the some of the twelve deserving students who will have their further education tuitions paid courtesy of Chaa Creek.

And now for more good news and another shining example:

On Monday August 18, 2014, 37 kids from the little village of Corozalito off the Chaa Creek road were taken to the Belize Zoo as part of this year’s  Inland Expedition Guides/Staff Program.


While at the “Best Little Zoo in the World” the excited kids, ranging in age from  5 to 13, had a chance to get up close and personal with some of Belize’s most iconic animals, such as jaguars, tapirs, coatis and even a huge Harpy Eagle. And to top it off, they went home with brand new school bags and educational supplies just in time for the reopening of local schools.

Chaa-Creek-Kids -Donation

This largess was made possible by donations from the entire Chaa Creek staff, including the owners and managers, as part of their commitment to give something back to the community and contribute to Belize’s social development.  For the last four years, the Inland Expedition Guides/Staff Program has quietly been assisting and bringing a bit of joy into the lives of needy children. We think it’s time people heard about these unsung heroes.


Belize has come very far since  independence, (which will be celebrated September 21), and that progress has a lot to do with the sense of fairness, the value placed on education, and the spirit of helping each other out, as expressed in the very Belizean saying of, “Hand wash hand”.

We post these examples not to blow horns or big up individuals, but as models of how eco-tourism stakeholders make positive contributions to the environment and society here in Belize. We do believe that since independence on September 21, 1981 (which is also, coincidentally, Chaa Creek’s  birthday) Belize has been showing the world how it can be done.

You see these random acts of kindness all the time in Belize, and they give us great confidence about the future. And if you know of any other examples, or wish to shine a light on someone doing good works, please let us know. Belize has stunning scenery and many other things going for it, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the people.

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