We Gave Peace a Chance in Belize – And it Worked!

We Gave Peace a Chance in Belize –

 And it worked!


Sometimes the trials and tribulations of this world get to be almost overwhelming, but my husband and I recently discovered an oasis of tranquillity that went a long way in putting things back in perspective. Its name is Belize.


One night during dinner after a particularly stressful week we were both feeling a little down. It was stifling in the city, traffic was terrible, and the news on TV was worse. Feeling like we needed a change of pace, and with our wedding anniversary coming up, we made the decision right then and there to take a spontaneous early holiday and get away from it all.


Poring over the laptop that night going over vacation options was therapeutic, and by the time we narrowed our list of destinations down to four we were already feeling better, even if just a little apprehensive about the costs.

Belize was at the top of our alphabetical list, and the more research we did, the more it stayed there. We didn’t know much about it, but the more we read, the more we liked, and when we hit The Lodge at Chaa Creek it started looking even better.

The next day a call to our travel agent sealed the deal. She’d actually been to Belize, and highly recommended Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages. Just one set price for the entire package with nothing more to pay was a plus, and she said that when you considered everything you got for the money, it was the best deal around. We went for it and couldn’t have been happier.

We’ve been back a week now, and still haven’t left cloud nine. If you saw us at the airport before we left, you’d understand what a big deal this is.

First of all, Belize is even closer than I first thought, just under three hours flying time from Atlanta, so getting there was a breeze. It makes even just a long weekend in Belize very doable. Our cheerful driver was waiting for us when we cleared customs, and the ride to Chaa Creek was actually enjoyable with the driver pointing things out and answering all our questions, so by the time we arrived to cool welcoming drinks and warm smiles we felt like we’d already been in Belize a while. The fact that everyone speaks English really helps.

Arriving at Chaa Creek is like entering Eden, I’m not kidding. It’s not commercial, but nicely manicured, just as the staff are all very professional, but in a genuinely nice, friendly way. A lot of people work there, and every single person we met was just great, and that says a lot.

Chaa- Creek-Garden

The accommodations consist of lovely thatched roof cottage rooms and various luxury suites. We went for a Jacuzzi suite, which was perfect for us. We had time for a most welcome swim in the infinity pool and amazing margaritas in the lounge before settling under the huge thatched roof of the restaurant for dinner. Chaa Creek have their own Maya organic farm that supplies the kitchen, and head Chef Mario does amazing things with the fresh fruits and vegetables. I could write pages about the food, but suffice to say it’s very, very good.


That night the relaxation, with the gentle jungle sounds as a backdrop, began, and we woke up feeling very different to the uptight, stressed people we left back home.

That day and the following days the tension just melted away. Honestly, you could feel it. Between the healthy food, walks in the tropical gardens and down jungle trails, horseback riding through the jungle (yes – I, who never rode a horse before, was actually riding along real jungle trails!), canoeing down the Macal River and exploring those amazing Maya temples had an indescribable effect on both of us. We were more at ease and communicated better than we had in years, it seemed.


Our travel agent was right. There’s so much to do at Chaa Creek that you have an absolutely full vacation for just that one payment, which in retrospect was a bargain. You’re surrounded by their 365 acre private nature reserve and in walking distance to the butterfly farm, a great little museum called the Belize Natural History Centre, a Maya medicinal plant trail, organic farm, the pool, restaurant, lounge and my all-time favourite – the Hilltop Spa. If you’ve never had a massage and chocolate wrap (!) surrounded by stunning scenery and birdsong, you don’t know what you’re missing. Take my word for it.


I could go on and on. Even simple things like lounging in your hammock or around the pool are magic there, and we’ll never forget sharing champagne in our private Jacuzzi in the middle of a vast rainforest when the howler monkeys began a chorus in the distance. All in all it was an amazing experience among some of the most friendly and chilled people on the planet. We even met the owners who are friendly as can be, took the time to talk and seemed genuinely interested in us. It was heaven.


We were sad to leave, but so glad we came, because it really changed our perspective on life just when we needed it the most.

So if you ever feel like life is getting to be too much and things look less than rosy, turn off the TV, forget about the newspapers, get yourself back to nature for a week and see what happens. Our friends all remarked on how well we looked, and it was more than just the tans. I still feel as if I’m glowing, and I swear my husband looks ten years younger.

Belize was so much more than we expected, and so was Chaa Creek. I’m also writing this to all of you there to tell you how much our vacation meant to us, and how special all of you made it. You’ll definitely see us again.

In the meantime, we’re not letting the world get us down any more. Knowing that paradise is just around the corner keeps us both sane and looking forward to going back. Things are definitely looking up.

Thanks for putting things back into perspective, Chaa Creek. Peace.


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