Belize weather: the best on the planet!

Belize weather: the best on the planet!


A Fond Farewell to This Years Hurricane Season

The Beginning of December marked the end of a calm Belize Caribbean Hurricane Season

Blink and you might miss it was a pretty good description of this year’s calm hurricane season, which officially ended at the beginning of December.

Yes, it’s a great feeling when the season comes and goes without anyone really noticing it, and this year’s had that mellow quality we all love.

As visitors to Belize quickly learn, we are blessed with some of the best weather conditions on the planet, with average yearly temperatures of 84° F (29°C) and not much of a difference between seasons. Just one more factor in Belize’s growing reputation as a true tropical paradise.

However, all tropical paradises the world over have one thing in common – the warm weather and surrounding seas are perfect breeding grounds for tropical depressions which can grow into full fledged hurricanes. Belize, like most countries that are affected by these cyclonic storms, has developed sophisticated systems for predicting, recording and dealing with severe weather, so over the years the effects have been mitigated to an impressive degree.

But we still keep a weather eye out, as they say, and there’s always a sense of relief when hurricane season passes – just in time to relax for Christmas, New Years and other holidays.

Belize’s Chief Meteorological Officer, Dennis Gonguez, reported that 2014 was an average and even quiet year for the region when it came to hurricanes.

“This season was just about average or a little bit below average as was predicts at the beginning of the season that it would be just an average season. We had eight name systems and typically we would have about twelve name systems. Of those eight name systems, six of them became hurricanes and again the average is about six hurricanes per season. Of those six that became hurricanes we had two major hurricanes,” he said.

Isn’t it nice when the weatherman’s predictions come true? Especially when they’re the sorts of predictions we like to hear?

So goodbye hurricane season and hello to the relaxing and fun filled holiday season!

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