Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes: Celebrating Semana Santa in Belize 

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  1. Easter’s Hopping History
  2. Easter Egg Hunt In The Jungle 
  3. Spring Has Sprung
  4. Vacation With Us!

Billowing breaths of springtide not only strike up a dance with the feathery leaves on Chaa Creek’s tallest trees, but also provide the gentle push into a new chapter of the year. How many of us truly know the enthralling history that lies behind our beloved Easter traditions? 

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While you may have been visited by the Easter bunny too many times to count in the past, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on some historical facts! 

Easter’s Hopping History

While it’s mainly considered to be a Christian holiday, everyone around the globe loves the idea of the Easter bunny visiting and leaving small precious gifts all around for us to discover. Wait, where does the name even come from? The holiday for Eostre or Eostrae, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and spring, changed into Easter over the span of time, and as such, so did this blooming holiday! 

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What once was celebrated as a pagan tradition for spring, is now an observed holiday for Christians as Jesus’ resurrection as well as for the Jewish Passover. Even though the Bible may not have had any long-eared hares laying eggs within its pages, this tradition is one that took over the Americas. 

German immigrants in North America began the Rabbit born custom in the 1700s and soon enough, the idea of egg-laying rabbits leaving behind gifts in baskets for well-behaved children took off.

Now, the holiday may be observed differently in all parts of the world, but still joins people together as one. How unifying does it feel to be able to share this festivity with people from all walks of life? 

Easter Egg Hunt In The Jungle

We host our own fiesta, in our own wildly civilized way of course! On Easter Sunday, your youngins have our natural playground to play hide-and-seek with the Easter Bunny and uncover its Easter egg treasures. 

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Experiencing such a joy-filled occasion in the jungle is a fantastic way to kickstart spring and enjoy the climate’s soothing gusts. With the palm trees swaying in the wind, and your children’s laughter dancing in the air, what more could you need?

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From happy hunting to fun and games, an Easter Sunday perfect for family fun during vacation.

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Of course we couldn’t leave behind the arts and craft activities headed by our in-house creative Argentina and Regina!

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Spring Has Sprung

And it has made its welcoming entrance on our undulating hills, ensuring that we feel grateful for another year of its bloom-filled visit. The year may be creeping by fast, but we’ll never forget to be thankful for whatever it brings to us next! 

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Whether it be new visitors gracing our thresholds, or long-time friends reminding us of their wonderful smiles again, we’re always greeting what’s yet to come with open arms.

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Spring is truly a time to absorb our surroundings and appreciate what the world has given us as gifts. Just as the Easter bunny leaves behind tokens for us and our future generations to discover, there are many natural jewels to unearth and appreciate in our everyday life. 

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Vacation With Us!

Whether you choose to celebrate Easter, Summertime, Thanksgiving or Christmas with us, our doors are opened with warm hearts and bright smiles. To make sure you have a memorable holiday with us, contact us at reservations[at]chaacreek.com for any bookings. 

And in the meantime,

Blessed Semana Santa and Happy Easter from your Belizean friends!

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