Southwest Airlines announces flights to Belize

Southwest Airlines announces flights to Belize

Southwest airlines flights to BelizeOne of the reasons why we like Mashable is the sheer amount of different stuff that they carry, from tech, social, media… you name it, there’s usually something of interest being posted.

And this sunny morning was no different, especially when we espied the name “Belize”, drawing our attention to the following tweet:

“Southwest Airlines announces plans for flights to Belize.”


And what do you know? Following that discovery we find more references to the flight in our inbox. And then texts asking “Did you know…?”

This is good news, we reckon, as it shows how many people are interested in Belize, and how many loyal readers we have who take the time to let us know about these things.

As for the professionals, the story was covered by our longtime favourite the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as ABC News, CNN Money and Fox Business.

Going alphabetically, we’ll start with ABC News

“Southwest Airlines expects to begin flights to Belize City next year as it expands international service…The airline said Thursday that it will fly to Belize from Houston beginning next October…Southwest needs federal government approval for the flights.”


The story went on to say that the plan put Southwest “head to head” with rivals United Airlines and low fare competitor Spirit Airlines, who are also targeting similar locations.  Fox ran pretty much the same story, while CNN Money, as expected, gave a more detailed coverage of the US Federal approval process and Southwest’s business strategy.

Now, we don’t know, or much care about the rival part, except that competition is always good for the consumer, as it usually results in cheaper services and improved services.  The more the merrier, and Viva La Competition, we say.

More flights, better access and service, easier travel. Hooray!

There’s a few other things going on here that we find interesting. First, Belize is becoming more newsworthy all the time. That’s good. Second, there is a steady increase in flights in and out of our little bit of paradise, showing that it’s a valuable destination. That’s good, too. And third, people are reading and contributing to this blog. Excellent!

We also liked the fact that most people following the Mashable tweet gave glowing comments about Belize or expressed burning desires to come visit.

Well folks, that’s becoming easier all the time.

So check out the Chaa Creek Website and Belize Travel Blog to get a taste of what awaits you. It’s actually better in real life…

See you down here!


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