Another Eggs-Citing Easter Week in Belize!

Another Eggs-Citing Easter Week in Belize!


Start planning now for an extra-ordinary Easter vacation you’ll remember forever!

Easter in Belize is another one of those festive celebrations that could only happen in this tranquil melting pot nestled between the Caribbean Sea and pristine rainforests of Central America.

Like every holiday in Belize, Easter is a combination of the familiar and the exotic, retaining the traditional elements that North Americans and Europeans love along with an added cultural zest from Belize’s different ethnic groups, from the ancient Maya through to more recent settlers.

For example, Easter eggs are hunted amidst colourful tropical gardens, in verdant pastoral land and on the fringes of lush jungles; Easter baskets may include chocolate made from Maya cacao first cultivated in Belize thousands of years ago; the agouti may stand in for the Easter Bunny, and big lazy ham dinners may feature tortillas and tamales on the side.

It’s a rich blend that makes a Belizean Easter something to remember.


Easter has always been important in Belize, and it’s been a tradition at Chaa Creek ever since owners Mick and Lucy Fleming celebrated their first Easter Sunday on the farm over three decades ago. As with any young couple, the arrival of a daughter, soon followed by a son, enlivened the celebrations, and soon there were Easter egg hunts and big dinners for the young Flemings and their friends.

As Chaa Creek grew, so did the number of guests at the Easter table, and before too long Chaa Creek was hosting “Easter Week” to accommodate visitors from all over the world who wanted to take part in something special.

And this year is shaping up to be the best Easter in Belize yet! 


Imagine Easter in a gorgeous tropical rainforest setting surrounded by butterflies, birds, flowers and chocolate while enjoying a basket full of activities designed to stimulate both the mind and appetite, leaving you satisfied and healthy.

And this year Chaa Creek is introducing new Easter activities to delight guests of all ages.

The annual Easter egg hunt, always a big hit with both kids and adults, will again be on offer, and this year there will also be more ambitious hunts with naturalist guides leading fun, informative nature walks through the surrounding jungle.

And, for the first time, guests will be invited to take part in the annual survey of nesting areas around Chaa Creek, exploring the forest with guides to identify and record the wide variety and number of birds’ nests in local forests. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to an important body of work while learning from Belize’s foremost naturalists.

This is an Easter egg and nest hunt that will contribute to environmental management and leave you with a better appreciation of Belize’s natural beauty.

And, of course, thinking about Easter eggs invariably leads to chocolate, and in Belize, the heartland of the Maya and home of chocolate, this takes on a new dimension.

Some people are surprised to discover that chocolate, in the form of processed local cacao, was originally created right here by the indigenous Maya, where it was known as chocolātl and revered throughout the region.  Local Maya artisans still craft chocolate in a traditional manner, and guests are invited to join them over Easter Week. Making your own chocolate Easter egg from local cacao and using ancient Maya techniques dating back thousands of years? How cool is that?

Chocolate therapy

And for the ultimate chocolate experience, the Hilltop Spa’s chocolate themed treatments and wraps, including the extraordinary Chocolatissimo, will all be on offer during Easter Week.

Something else new for this year is the exciting Rainforest Safari, aka Jungle Buggy Tour that allows guest to explore Chaa Creek’s 365-acre private rainforest reserve from the comfort of an ATV in the company of knowledgeable naturalist guides. You’ll put your binoculars and cameras to good use during this in-depth excursion into Belize’s unspoiled rainforest environment filled with exotic wildlife.


Of course, the week will feature all the things that make Easter at Chaa Creek such a treat, including sumptuous dinners, swims and lounging around the infinity pool, and options that include exquisite pampering at the Hilltop Spa, a range of family friendly activities, romantic interludes for couples in a luxury Jacuzzi Suite, and the flexibility to do as much or as little as you like during the ultimate Easter vacation in Belize.

We’ll keep you posted here, and feel free to contact Chaa Creek to let them help you create an Easter vacation you’ll remember forever.

The Easter Agouti is waiting…


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