2015 Belize Eco-Kids Camp Rule #1 – JUST BE A KID!

Eco-Kids Camp 2015 Rule #1



Upon arrival at the camp grounds the Eco-Kids were assigned to both their cabins and their teams for the week. The Tapirs, Toucans, Jaguars, and last but not least, the Howler Monkeys.  Then they were all assembled in the dining area to design their team flags with paint and markers. Most of the campers were ecstatic when they learned that their hand and footprints were eligible to go on their team flags!


After going over the camp rules and the schedule for the rest of the night, the eco-kids were greeted by the manager of the Macal River Camp, Mr. Docio. Mr. Mick Fleming, co-founder of Chaa Creek, paid a surprise visit to greet the eco-kids, which was especially well received when they saw his dogs, Makali and Kaisa tagging along to greet them as well! Just before sitting down for dinner, the campers and counselors participated in a name game to help everyone put names to faces. Most campers enjoyed their nicknames enough to go by them the rest of the night!


Hungry from a long bus ride and a lot of expended energy, the campers then met in the dining hall for a dinner of rice and beans, stewed chicken and fried plantain, prepared by Mr. Docio and his family (delicious as always). They were also treated to a cake dessert! By this time, there was not a shy camper left! With the weather clear, cool, and breezy since they arrived, the campers and counselors hung out by the camp fire circle the rest of the night, going through the next day’s schedule and practicing camp rule #1 extensively, JUST BE A KID.


Looking forward to the next day’s activities and tired from the day they had, campers and counselors showered and were in bed early to get some rest (although that didn’t stop many from talking to new-found friends cabin to cabin!).

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the 2015 Eco-Kids Summer Camp fun activities! 

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