Tropic Air, Chaa Creek and Belize Go Global!

Belize Domestic & Overseas Flights Take Off!


Recent events have confirmed something we’ve known all along – Belize has global appeal, and that appeal is growing all the time.

We just received the news that Tropic Air, Belize’s friendly local air service, is organising a road show to promote Belize’s many charms to the people of Chile this December, and coming on the heels of Tropic Air’s successful Colombian road show of last June, and following the news that COPA Air is inaugurating a twice-weekly Panama-Belize run December 2015, we can’t help but feel that the country formally known as Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret is now anything but.

When an overseas carrier puts in a route, it’s because they see a growing market that they want to be part of. And when the local air service begins making marketing inroads in new regions, we can’t help but feel that growth is in the air.

While North America has always been Belize’s biggest market, recent sustained growth in Europe, Asia and South America show that she isn’t just a one-trick pony.

Which only makes sense for multi-cultural, largely bilingual Belize.  It’s also that sign of Belize’s attractions, amenities and affordability all have widespread appeal.

And, as we reported earlier (Link Below), Southwest Air and other major carriers have either started or are extending existing service to Belize, making it easier for our US and Canadian friends to hop down for a holiday.

Having travelled around North America, Colombia and Chile, we can attest that they are all wonderful places in their own right, with beautiful scenery, established tourism infrastructure and quality service. So when people from those countries are interested in coming here, and airlines think it makes good sense to invest in Belize, it shows that the little country is doing something right.

It also indicates that Belize is not only a desirable destination but an affordable one as well.

Those of us in Belize’s mostly homegrown, grassroots travel industry have been singing Belize’s praises for years. It’s great to see so many others joining the chorus.

And to our future guests from South America – Bienvenido a Belice!

Blog LINK: Southwest Airlines Prepares For Houston-Belize Route


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