Pictures of Belize – The Best Belize Travel Selfies of 2015!

Pictures of Belize come predominantly in “selfies” and here are our top picks for 2015:

Selfie, we are all guilty of taking them! And in 2013, when the word “selfie” entered the Oxford Dictionaries it quickly became the word of the year. The selfie is of course a photographic self-portait. Despite it’s recent popularity, selfies have actually been in existence for years, but technology has changed the game.

When in Belize, you’ll most likely see tourists pulling out the selfie stick at some of the major attractions.

Here we list some awesome selfie travel snaps that portray the fun and exciting things to do in the jewel.

“Just swimming with the sharks and sting rays!” by @the_nulla


“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage” by @justus_drew


“To go fishing or fishing” by @justus_drew

xunantunich maya ruin

“Who do you want to be with in these majestically clear waters?” – by @travelingdorks

“Who do you want to be with in these majestically clear waters?” – by @travelingdorks


“Do we look a year older today?! About to head out to sea off Ambergis Caye for the entire day to celebrate.”  @bombtwinz

bombtwinz-belize-selfies-2015 _n

“Cave tubing!!!” selfie by @mstewart164

belize-selfies- 2015-6

“Conquered my fear today #HorseBackRiding” by @gerybadillo


 “Keep calm and go slow in Belize!!!” by @tomalvesfotografia


“Extreme Selfie High Above Ambergris Caye, Belize”  by @Jose Luis Zapata


And then there were the 2 cutest selfies:


And with those awesome selfies we close of the year 2015 and bring in the New Year 2016! 

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