Belize Weather By Month: 2024 Update

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  1. Climate
  2. The Dry Season
  3. What to bring
  4. The Green Season
  5. What to bring

The weather in Belize is generally warm; our near-the-equator setting pretty much guarantees sunlight and blue skies throughout most of the calendar year. That said, Mother nature is still unpredictable and travelers may sometimes find themselves staring up at angry gray nimbus clouds, or no clouds at all.

If you’re wondering what the skies are like here, allow us to give you the run down on Belize Weather, what to expect, and when!


Belize is nestled in the Central American Jungle, right at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, just south of the Tropic of Cancer (totally not what it sounds like). The tropic of cancer is the northernmost point at which the sun may appear directly over Earth on the northern (summer) solstice. Residing within that range allows Belize to see warm, sunny, summer-like days long after other places have begun to chill over.

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Pristine rainforest still covers the majority of this small nation; coast on the east and jungle everywhere else means moisture, lots of moisture. All the lush vegetation contributes to keeping the air in Belize Pretty humid, which (contrary to popular belief) can do wonders for your skin, hair, sinus, and even your pets!

Still, being in the “rain” forest doesn’t necessarily spell doom for all things dry, as Belize does have changing seasons, though these can be chalked up into what is comparatively a summer season, and an autumn season.


The Dry Season

A better term to use would most probably be “dry-er” season since in Belize there’s always an off-chance for precipitation. Belize’s dry season is a great time to enjoy the water sports of the country. less precipitation leads to lower overall river levels which make canoeing and cave tubing/exploration much more enjoyable.

The dry season in Belize is also a great time to go on some of the most adventurous expeditions available to travelers. Trips such as camping in the cockscomb basin and the four-day mountain hike up victoria peak are prime dry season activities here. Trips into the Mountain pine ridge forest reserve for camping, hiking, and swimming are popular trips and it helps to not get rained on in the mountains lugging heavy camping gear or hiking boots.

During the dry season expect to be warm throughout most of your stay. Sunt hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are always recommended in the tropics but even more so during this time of year. We would suggest packing sporty clothes. Long sleeves and pants are optional but could come in handy to avoid uneven sun-tans. For days at sea, long sleeve thermals of wet gear are useful additions to your equipment list to fight off UV rays.

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In an interesting twist, part of what constitutes as the dry season here is out “equivalent” to winter… or at least as close as we ever get to the phenomenon. November, December, and January are the months in which Belize sees a dip in the average temperature. Sometimes, and we really mean SOMEtimes the temperature will slip down the ladder into the realms of the mid 50’s, even then only once or twice for the year and only at night in which case a blanket is all you really need. The bright side? Apart from the sun itself; no snow, ice, sleet, hail or blizzards, and no awkward melting icy mud phase in between, only the infrequent “cold” front that drifts down from the north.

All things considered – dry season weather in Belize is some of the most agreeable weather in the region and it is always wonderfully accentuated by the tepid waters of the western Caribbean Sea.

What to bring

  • Protective clothing
  • Breathable clothing
  • Sunglasses
  • Aloe ointment (for those inevitable sunburns)
  • Swim gear (you’ll definitely want to take a few dips)
  • Reusable water bottles

But Here’s The Kicker:

The Green Season

Constituting what is generally our low season as far as tourism goes, the rainy season in Belize is the time of year in which it’s more likely to shower down on you. Our rainy season shouldn’t be confused for monsoon times as it is in Asia. Unless there is a major storm, days of rain and flash floods don’t occur and shouldn’t be a concern, Thanks to the relatively short distance between the mountain rivers, and the coast floods don’t usually last very long.

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During our rainy season, which we’ll just call summer from here on, be it due directly to precipitation, or some other natural tendency possessed by this region; it’s humid. Quite humid in fact (66% humidity as this is being typed), and while it seems that the statement above was said with some sort of dread; all the humidity does really, is make your clothes take longer to dry. Aside from damp tee-shirts, as briefly mentioned before the humidity is actually great for your skin and hair. Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe humid air generally does a portion of the job that moisturizers would do, higher percentages of water in the air surrounding makes less evaporate out of your skin, which is great! right?

You should expect to be briefly rained on during your activities around Belize. More so in the South where Belize sees its highest rate of precipitation, but this in general, shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re looking to climb a Maya ruin as they tend to get slippery. Hiking in Belize after a short shower can be most enjoyable as the surrounding flora visibly perk up and come to life with the rain.

In a phenomenon completely unrelated to the amount of rain in any given week, travel trends tend to shift away from Belize and tourism rates generally fall. Summer and fall are a perfect for traveling on a budget within Belize; many Belize resorts and tour companies slash their prices so you can do the cool things you want without breaking the bank. Rainy season here also sees less travelers; you can sometimes have an attraction all to yourself if you arrive at the right time or stay long enough – photographers rejoice!

Unless you’re facing down one of our rather infrequent storms of which there have been less than five in the last five years, rain in Belize during “rainy” season it never much more than welcome refreshment.

What to bring

  • Light quick drying clothes
  • Breathable or waterproof footwear
  • Rain gear
  • Sun protection

Do you enjoy Belize Weather? Did you visit in the Dry season? or Rainy season? What was your favorite part?

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