Papa Du’s 105th Birthday [Photoblog]

Last week Saturday  we were treated to a truly time transcending experience. A charming old man who is affectionately known as “Papa Du” visited The Lodge at Chaa Creek for a pre-birthday celebration lunch with his family.

He was accompanied by four generations of his family who all cheerfully explained their relation to Papa Du.

Papa Du was celebrating his 105th orbit around the sun which was going to be on Monday, October 17th, 2016 – an awe-inspiring number, especially to someone only a quarter his age.


Mr Mick and Papa Du recalled stories from over 40 years ago (in Mr Mick’s case) and even further back from his youth. Tales on what life was like in Cayo over sixty years ago and what it was like working in the logging industry at the time.


Papa Du was surrounded by his family who all spoke about and recalled memories around him.


We were informed that Papa Du has an affinity for pork; so naturally we obliged and served grilled pork chops for lunch.


Mr Mick even made a speech to commemorate the occasion!


Happy birthday Papa Du! Best wishes from your friends at The Lodge at Chaa Creek!


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