Belize Islands: 5 Private Getaways (2022 Update)

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  1. 5 Private Belize Islands You Should Know About (2022 Update)
    1. 1. The Turneffe Atolls
    2. 2. Raye Caye Private Island
    3. 3. The Silk Cayes
    4. 4. Glovers Atoll
    5. 5. Sapodilla Cayes

5 Private Belize Islands You Should Know About (2022 Update)

The Caribbean sea is generously freckled with islands, many of which constitute entire nations. While Belize isn’t one of the aforementioned Caribbean “islands” we have our own ample supply of sea oases. We’ve already told you about six of the best Belize islands to visit, but, what if you don’t want to spend all that time among the company of droves of people? Surely a region known for turquoise waters and white sandy beaches is all out of private escapes… right?

Guess again; check out some of the most private Belize Islands for your enjoyment:

1. The Turneffe Atolls


The atolls that constitute the Turneffe cluster are situated 20 miles east of Belize City. These atolls are large enough to each feel deserted when you’re on one – and in the best way too. The southern and eastern regions of Turneffe have a range of accommodation options, from high end in the south to budget cabañas on the eastern side. One of the cooler things about Turneffe is the unparalleled diving there is to be had there for both scuba and snorkel. Other worthy activities to participate in there include fishing and fly fishing, kayaking the channels between the islands and mangroves, and bird watching to sight over 60 species or marine and tropical birds. There are few better ways to experience the Caribbean and feel like a seafaring explorer than to chill in and around the Turneffe atolls. Just as well, there are about as few ways to have a private adventure vacation anywhere that isn’t here.

2. Raye Caye Private Island

Have you and a group of friends ever wanted to go somewhere on your own, have your own space, be completely yourselves with each other without the fear of party crashers? Have you heard of Hatchet Caye? We’re going to imagine the order of those answers was “Yes!….Um, No.”. Fear not, if we just described you (even if we didn’t) Hatchet caye is one  ideal place for private group travel offering up the “Caribbean before it got crowded” feel. The draw here is that you and your group of (up to) thirty friends can rent the entire island and it’s facilities for yourselves. From here you can scuba, snorkel, fish and even have your own private wedding, the possibilities are nearly endless. Walk-ins aren’t a thing when you’re on a small island in the Caribbean sea ensuring the complete privacy and celebrity lifestyle private island vibe stays perfectly intact.

3. The Silk Cayes


The Silk Cayes, sometimes called Queen Cayes are two deserted islands (Those still exist?) perpetually chilling right along the reef. Silk cay makes up part of what is called the Silk Cay and Gladden Split reserve that sits about 22 miles off the coast of Placencia. Silk Cay is a veritable mound of sand peering out of the Caribbean sea from Behind the reef which makes it an uninhabited white sand beach, what could be better? Best visited as part of a day trip to snorkel, staying there overnight isn’t usually (if ever) an option. What’s there to do in the area? It’s a marine reserve – naturally, there’s no fishing, but there is gorgeous snorkeling and scuba diving. As a Bonus, in May and June, in the Gladden Split area of the reserve travelers can scuba/snorkel alongside Whale Sharks!

4. Glovers Atoll


Catch and release fishing, snorkeling with coral wildlife and turtles, hundreds of reef patches, pristine beaches, and complete privacy. Glover’s Atoll has it all for your private week on an island, but what really sets this place apart from the rest is the fact that is had been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The island’s name came from a pair of buccaneer brothers John and Roger Glover who made it their “base” of sorts for a period. Before the Glover brothers, the Mayan inhabitants of Belize had been sailing there for quite some time, Mayan artifacts have been found on the island. Most interestingly of all, Glovers Atoll is the furthest land mass within Belizean waters from the shore at about 45 miles out which is amazing to think the Maya, who weren’t seafaring people to travel out so far on the sea. There is a resort in the area, catering for night stays and weeklong stays, you can camp, or stay in one of the cabaña options.

5. Sapodilla Cayes


Making its second entry in a countdown, the Sapodilla Cayes in southern Belize really are something. The trek to this location takes deliberate intent, it’s not the sort of place you happen upon along a weekend drive. Aren’t those the best kinds of places, though? The Sapodilla Cayes are a collection of 14 small islands chained together off the southern coast of Belize. Their remote location prevents frequent visits from would-be passersby making the natural habitat and eco-system some of the most pristine that one would find in Belize. The islands are not connected by any above water land crossings but are close enough to kayak or even swim across to (if you’re brave enough). There are no formal establishments on these islands, but there’s also no one to stop you from camping on the beach or hanging your own hammock up for the night to take in the nocturnal beauty of an uninhabited island.

Have you visited any private Belize Island you deem worthy of being mentioned? Please comment them below, we periodically review and update our content! 🙂

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  1. It has been several years now; but the days we spent on the south end of Southwater caye were the most relaxing, best vacation I’ve ever had: scuba, snorkeling, fishing and hammocks….


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